The Latest Apple Door Locks Have Arrived In Stores

The new front door lock that Apple has put out in stores is just the latest example of the company's efforts to digitize every aspect of your life. To unlock it, you'll need either an iPhone or an Apple Watch.

To date, Apple is the only retailer to carry the Level Lock+, the first smart home lock. The manufacturer boasts that its product is “the most advanced smart lock ever.” Tap payments are already an option on Apple devices. The Level Lock+, which retails for $329, can be unlocked with the touch of an Apple smartphone equipped with the Home Key feature.

The lock can be opened using a variety of methods beyond tapping. In addition, users can voice-unlock doors, send keys through text messages, and automate a variety of additional functions. The lock works with iOS 11.4, but earlier versions of iOS will not work with it. Also, you'll need an internet connection for some of the functions.

Level Home, a tech startup launched in 2016 by ex-Apple employees John Martin and Ken Goto, created the Level Lock+, which Apple unveiled in 2021. In 2020, the first iteration of the Level Lock gadget was available, and it could be used in conjunction with an iPhone or Android using a few extra pieces of hardware. Apple retailers did not carry it.

“Our daily routines have become increasingly entangled with the internet. The modern consumer has come to rely on technical innovations that facilitate easy and secure access “- Martin remarked. “Smart locks are something people are ready to incorporate into their daily lives, and those who own iPhones or Apple Watches will benefit from this.”