The Criminal Enterprises, Now Available Or Not!

Take care of business with the newest update to Grand Theft Auto Online. It may seem rough out there with a heatwave baking Southern San Andreas, gas prices skyrocketing, and the economy on the verge of collapse…

In Los Santos, however, even the most ominous economic forecast has a bright silver lining. With today’s update to GTA Online for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, players will be able to take advantage of the thriving black market and its many opportunities thanks to the addition of a new mode called The Criminal Enterprises. There has been a general trend toward diversification and adaptation among today’s entrepreneurs.

The Criminal Enterprises, Now Available Or Not!
The Criminal Enterprises, Now Available Or Not!

There is now a daily Export Mixed Goods mission, and Executives can begin Source Cargo missions from their offices. In addition, your new manager Lupe and the rest of the Warehouse Staff are available to help you find and capitalize on business prospects through thorough research and coordinated effort.

The moment has come for MC Presidents to increase club profits. Get Sindy to help you stock the bar, and you’ll be ready to welcome LS’s most fashionable leather-clad customers. With the advent of the custom bike shop, people who have a passion for cycling may make a living off of sharing that passion with others by making modifications and delivering bikes to paying clients.

Can’t stand untainted currency? Don’t worry. There are always new Clubhouse Contracts to keep you busy. Club owners can initiate new Club Management missions by speaking with Tony Prince or accessing their office computers.

The hottest club in town is also the messiest place in town, what with paparazzi invasions, ejecting troublemakers from behind the velvet rope, and chaperoning inebriated VIPs. In need of a Supplier for Some Products? Don’t hesitate to give Yohan a call; he’ll set you up.

Calling all Gunrunners:  Are you getting dangerously low on supplies? You can now take advantage of brand-new Resupply missions to help resupply your underground stronghold. Seeking to enhance Academic Study in your Underground Stronghold? Please contact Number 14 (Agent). Is extending your business connections a priority for you?

Now that he has a deal with Ammu-Nation, you can turn in your surplus of weapon components for cash. Visit the official GTA Online site to get the whole scoop on the latest company developments.

Agent ULP Returns in Operation Paper Trail

When petrol prices start to rise, it’s not just regular people on Highway 1 that take notice; IAA Agent ULP is on the case, too. After inhaling the stench of a global criminal plot and a large quantity of gasoline, he is certain that the Duggans and the FIB are working together to manipulate the cost of crude oil. Even though he hasn’t provided many specifics, the ramifications are serious, and he promises to be in touch shortly.

The Criminal Enterprises, Now Available Or Not!
The Criminal Enterprises, Now Available Or Not!

Experience Improvements

Numerous changes and enhancements to the GTA Online experience can be found in The Criminal Enterprises. These changes and enhancements were implemented in response to considerable and helpful feedback submitted through our feedback page. Business computers can now be accessed in remote sessions, satisfying individuals’ privacy needs.

Now that the market disaster has passed, you can take on Sell and Source tasks at your own pace. Improvements fans may count on an additional increase. Using the new “Max Ammo” option in the Interaction Menu, players can stock up on ammunition for all of their weapons at once. Don’t waste any more time perusing the ammunition racks.

Pick everything, load it up, and get back to the action. And the Weapon Wheel makes it much easier to switch to a new set of armor in the middle of a gunfight or to administer first aid by ripping open your fifteenth EgoChaser. Some other player-requested gameplay enhancements include:

  • The game’s economy and the rewards for various actions have been reworked extensively to give players greater leeway in how they progress in the criminal underworldarmor set Oppressor Mk II’s weapons and dose have been fine-tuned.
  • The increase from eight to ten standard properties means more room for your car collection’s garage.
  • And many, many more… make sure to check out our recent Newswire article on experience improvements, as well as the Title Update notes published at the Rockstar Support site.

New Vehicles, and More

The Criminal Enterprises unveils a fleet of fresh new Super, Sports, and Muscle automobiles. Visit a dealership today if you’re in the market for a daily driver that will make heads turn like bitcoin prices or if you’re getting ready for full-scale armored conflict.

The Criminal Enterprises, Now Available Or Not!
The Criminal Enterprises, Now Available Or Not!

Two new vehicles that are compatible with Imani technology improvements are now accessible through the Agency’s Vehicle Workshop, and there is also a pet project, Stirling GT, available for those playing on the newest consoles. In Los Santos, they realize there’s only one way to age: gracefully, like a vintage. A bottle of expensive wine preserved with formaldehyde and epoxy.

The Criminal Enterprises, Now Available Or Not!
The Criminal Enterprises, Now Available Or Not!

Therefore, certain classics have been updated to appeal to a new generation. Check out the updated Pegassi Zentorno, Benefactor Stirling GT, Grotti Turismo R, and many others. Furthermore, Ammu-Nation now has the brand new Precision Rifle, a long-range, bolt-action firearm with pinpoint precision, perfect for making precise, fast shots.

New GTA+ Member Benefits

As of today, a new GTA+ event period has begun, and with it, Members will receive a slew of new incentives, such as the free Lampadati Corsita sports vehicle from Legendary Motorsport (along with two exclusive liveries).

All costs for VIP/CEO Abilities accessed through the Interaction Menu have been removed, and GTA+ members will receive a 50% GTA$ and RP bonus when completing the new Operation Paper Trail Missions.

Your Executive Office will be upgraded, and you’ll receive a 15% bonus of GTA$ for using your Shark Card. Visit the official GTA+ site for information on all the perks you can receive as a member, as well as directions on how to receive them.

This Week’s Event Bonuses

From now until August 3, all GTA Online players can double their money and experience the brand-new Operation Paper Trail Missions by taking advantage of the multiplier. The GTA$150,000 bonus is delivered within 72 hours after completing any Resupply or Source assignment (Gunrunning, Special Cargo, Import/Export Vehicle Cargo).

The White Beat Off Earphones are a reward for completing any Gunrunning, Nightclub Warehouse, MC, or Special Cargo Sell missions, and you can choose from a number of discounts.

  • 40% off – Agency Property
  • 40% off – Agency Property Upgrades and Modifications
  • 50% off – Schyster Deviant
  • 40% off – Ocelot Lynx
  • 40% off – Lampadati Furore GT
  • 40% off – Declasse Yosemite
  • 30% off – Pegassi Zorrusso
  • 30% off – Enus Deity
  • 30% off – Vapid Dominator ASP

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