The Callisto Protocol Confirms the Worldwide Release Date and Performance Mode

Striking Distance Studios, developers of The Callisto Protocol, have addressed the delay concerns and confirmed a performance mode for the upcoming horror game.

The Callisto Protocol has announced its worldwide release date and a new gameplay option called “performance mode.” The Callisto Protocol is stylistically and thematically similar to its inspiration, Dead Space, and features similarly hideous alien monsters, body horror, and plenty of violent violence. The game’s release is scheduled for a month before EA’s Dead Space Remake, so there will be plenty of time for comparisons and debate between the two titles.

The Callisto Protocol will also have a performance mode, a major new addition that will make use of next-generation hardware. Many games for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X include multiple visual settings that can be toggled to improve performance or visuals. Games can typically achieve 60 FPS or more by switching between these modes. A confirmation of this and a few other features were made lately by Striking Distance Studios.

This tweet sent on the game’s official Twitter account indicates that the previously mentioned release date for The Callisto Protocol will indeed be kept. Many fans are relieved by this news as they had been concerned about a possible delay. Concerns were warranted after the Epic Games Store recently announced that the game would launch in February 2023, but those worries have been allayed, according to the developer.

The developer has probably ruled out any further delays now that a worldwide release date has been set. The tweet also reveals that the game will have a performance setting optimized for 60 frames per second, giving players the option to prioritize fluid gameplay or high-resolution visuals. The number of upbeat responses to the tweet shows how pleased many followers were to learn the news.

An alternative option will also improve the game’s more graphic and bloody features. The Callisto Protocol has previously said that it will incorporate ray tracing alongside other graphics-focused capabilities including artificial intelligence upscaling and algorithmically establishing realistic lighting for its environment. Many gamers love having the option to switch between these modes, as they each contribute to the game’s realism and attention to detail visually.

Just a few days ago, WB Games Montreal stated that Gotham Knights would not have a performance mode and would be capped at 30 FPS on the console, while the PC versions might support higher frame rates. It has not been confirmed, however, some Twitter users who commented on this tweet speculated that it was in response to Gotham Knights. Despite the mudslinging between the two fanbases, many players are simply happy to have the 60 FPS option in The Callisto Protocol.

On December 2, 2022, The Callisto Protocol will be available for purchase on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.