Tesla’s $300 Airpower Charger Rivals Apple’s

Tesla’s $300 Airpower Charger Rivals Apple’s: Elon Musk began his fight with Apple late last month. After what seems like an eternity, Tesla has unveiled a $300 wireless charging mat that promises some of the characteristics that Apple’s AirPower was intended to include.

AirPower’s premise was straightforward: provide a mat on which up to three devices could be charged wirelessly without the user having to fiddle with the placement of charging coils. Apple failed to release the product in 2017, leaving many customers perplexed until its cancellation in 2019.

Apple stated, “After much effort, we’ve concluded. AirPower would not satisfy our high standards, and we’ve canceled the project.” With all its expertise and resources, it was puzzling that Apple couldn’t solve what looked like a straightforward problem. If Elon is teasing the Cupertino behemoth with the unveiling of Tesla’s Wireless Charging Platform on Thursday, it will make sense.

It’s too bad this is essentially a rebranding of a billing method that’s been there for a while (and is already quite pricey) but with a new name. Using FreePower’s technology, Tesla is creating a vehicle with a Cybertruck vibe.

Tesla Airpower Charger
Tesla Airpower Charger

Many popular products, including the highly rated Nomad Base Station Pro, use technology licensed from FreePower. In general, users report that it delivers as promised. Your smartphone can be placed anywhere on the mat to receive 15W of rapid charging power. The connection will hold even if you slide the device.

The Nomad Base Station “may one day be the future of wireless charging technology; right now, the current iteration is just too pricey and too limiting,” according to a review by The Verge in 2020.

That gadget could have been purchased for $229 back in the day. Even though Nomad is no longer manufacturing this specific model, it is still available for purchase on the company’s website in refurbished form for $120.

While FreePower may have solved the issue of where to place a device for wireless charging, an Apple Watch still can’t be placed on the mat and left there. These chargers are only compatible with devices that follow the Qi standard, and the Apple Watch can only be charged using the MagSafe cable or the magnetic puck supplied in the box.

Therefore, Tesla has not achieved the goal Apple initially set out to accomplish (concurrently charging an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods). Tesla did not invent the technology and demanded an outrageously ridiculous price for its mat.

Whether or not this release was planned solely to piss off Tim Cook is speculation on my part. It’s plausible that Musk only wanted to spread some upbeat information regarding Tesla. The stock price of the electric vehicle manufacturer hit a new two-year low on Friday as investor anxiety over Musk’s sole focus on Twitter reached a fever pitch.

Elon Musk, the company’s founder and CEO, has two main issues: (1) he is continually selling off billions of dollars worth of shares, and (2) his right-wing beliefs are driving off the people who are most likely to purchase an electric vehicle (liberals and people who believe in climate change).

This week, Tesla added a $7,500 discount to the price of two of its models, adding to the already high level of investor anxiety. Even though a charging mat won’t turn around Tesla’s fortunes, you can pre-order one with an expected shipment in February if you want one. Remember that this charging method is like giving a roofing torch a fresh coat of paint and calling it a flamethrower.

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