Tesla is Updating Their Vehicles to Include Apple Music

Tesla is Updating Their Vehicles to Include Apple Music. The long-awaited integration of Apple Music with Tesla vehicles has finally arrived. Photos of the newly unveiled Tesla display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles were tweeted out by Aaron Cash on November 20, 2022.

Aaron discovered that one of Tesla’s cars came equipped with Apple Music. To give spectators a feel for the new Model S’s unique steering wheel and lightning-fast processing for maps, games, and entertainment, Tesla has put up the car’s interior at the display, replete with a centre console, steering wheel, and infotainment system.

Apple Music was discovered in a “car” running a development version of Tesla’s operating system (OS) with the version number 2022.40.50. Having a developer version of the software installed with Apple Music in this vehicle seems to be deliberate since Tesla is known for hiding Easter eggs and indications about impending features in the code.

Apple Music was first suspected after an emblem was noticed at Zoom’s convention, where Teslas were used to demonstrate the company’s video conferencing technology. The vehicle identification number (VIN) was entered as “P3TERS3N1P000BUCK” in the car’s onboard computer system.



There are pros and cons to Tesla’s decision to incorporate Apple Audio into their music player rather than operate an Apple Music app.

As a plus, the UI will be uniform and consistent with Tesla’s other music services, and it is anticipated that voice commands will be supported as well. Nonetheless, this could imply that not all Apple Music functions are accessible.

Spatial Audio

Spatial Audio support for Apple Music was just announced by Apple. Apple Music not only supports Spatial Audio but also lossless audio for a wide selection of songs. Apple claims that the combination of these capabilities results in “real multidimensional sound and clarity” for an immersive listening experience.

We may be confined to just the essential functions of Apple Music if Tesla doesn’t add Spatial Music and lossless audio support. To listen to high-quality music, Tesla presently works with TIDAL.

Release Date

Apple Music is yet to have a set release date, but it shouldn’t be too much longer. Towards the end of next month, Tesla is likely to receive a Christmas update that will bring with it support for Apple Music.

Tesla introduced an upgrade around the holidays last year that includes a new user interface, a modifiable launcher, the addition of a blind spot camera, and more. There will likely be a number of new additions to the holiday update this year.

One of the last major streaming services to be enabled for Tesla vehicles is Apple Music, which has 100 million songs and reached that milestone back in October.

There are now five music streaming services available from Tesla: Spotify, TIDAL, Slacker Radio, TuneIn, and SiriusXM (for the Model S and Model X only). Tesla’s Premium Connectivity, which costs $9.99 per month, is required to use any of these services for audio streaming.

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