Tesla AI Director Andrej Karpathy Leaves Company

Andrej Karpathy, head of Tesla’s AI and Autopilot, said on Wednesday that he is leaving the electric car manufacturer.

It has been a pleasure to assist Tesla in achieving its objectives over the past five years, and it has been a difficult decision to part ways, stated Karpathy on Twitter. “During that period, Autopilot advanced from lane maintaining to city streets, and I anticipate watching the incredibly talented Autopilot team maintain that momentum.”

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I don’t have any specific plans for the future, but I want to spend more time revisiting my lifelong love for technical work in artificial intelligence, open source, and teaching, he continued.

In return, CEO Elon Musk complimented Karpathy for his efforts.

Senior machine learning scientists and engineers worked under the direct supervision of Karpathy, who had just returned from a six-month leave of absence from Tesla.

According to federal data released this month, since June 2021, crashes employing advanced driver-assistance technologies have been reported affecting nearly 70% of Tesla vehicles. Officials issued a warning that the data was insufficient and wasn’t intended to suggest which automaker’s systems could be the safest.

By the end of 2017, Musk has promised Tesla supporters a self-driving car that could travel from Los Angeles to New York without “the need for a single touch.”

Musk secured billions of dollars for Tesla in 2019 by guaranteeing investors that the firm would have 1 million “robotaxi ready” vehicles on the road by the end of 2020. “Sometimes I am not on schedule, but I get it done,” he further cautioned investors in 2019.

The business has yet to complete a coast-to-coast autonomous car demonstration.

Tesla instead provides lane-keeping assistance, automated navigation, and cruise control with traffic awareness.

Even Tesla’s most cutting-edge, experimental package, known as its Full Self-Driving Beta system in the US, needs a human driver to be focused on the road, keep their hands on the wheel, and be prepared to take over the driving responsibility at any time.

Karpathy’s resignation comes in the wake of the shutdown of a Tesla office in San Mateo, California, where teams working on data annotation were assisting in the advancement of the business’s driver assistance technology.

The California Employment Development Department’s statistics show that 229 employees were let go from that office. Karpathy, who held the position of senior director of AI, worked out of Tesla’s former Palo Alto headquarters and answered directly to Elon Musk.

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