Talk From The Lions' Bob Quinn Cheap Until The Results Are Delivered


Bob Quinn talks to the media.

The Detroit Lions had their annual end of the season press briefing with Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn, the duo who have recently maintained their jobs despite a dismal 2019 season playing on the field.

What follows is the usual amount of self-removal stuff that usually comes out at this time of year. Both Patricia and Quinn explained that they were inadequate, did not finish the team, admitted that there were no justifications and said they had to work hard to evaluate all this offseason. They also thank the fans for their support.

Fine, but what are you going to do about making the team a winner today?

That’s the only thing fans want to know, and the important few actual answers come from Quinn and company as it relates to the careless thinking of what will happen this offseason.

It does not want to talk about potential personnel moves, and people do not expect to hear everything about the plan. Still, mind-blowing inquirers want to know, especially after the team seems to have drowned since Quinn took over in 2016 and then helped the team to the playoffs. It seems like now would be a good time to explain things in more detail.

Goodwill probably tires a lot on a huge fan base, and probably can’t stand to see Quinn express that he feels the team is on the right track and gets things figured out. They probably don’t appreciate the confusion as it relates to what went wrong in 2019, nor do they expect the team to rebuild a 9-7 season in 2017.

The truth is, nothing can be said. The proof is in the pudding when it comes to roster construction, and it tells the biggest story of where the team is going. Until then, all talk of improvement, confidence and the like will remain cheap.

Squarely Pressure with Bob Quinn in 2020

While Patricia has had her shortcomings in the field as a coach, she can only work with what the front office has given her. It is set to hit sharply in 2019. It seems Quinn has never met Patricia in many ways in terms of building the roster. He did not sign a bigger-name veteran quarterback, something he speculated he could consider this offseason. Defense, there are issues of depth. Quinn has dealt with Quandre Diggs far from midseason, and there are plenty of surprising holes on the roster that are offensive and defensive.

Quinn said he did not want to use injuries as an excuse, but went on to explain that the team had 16 players on injured reserve at the time all was said and done. Such a statement represents a delicate balance in explaining Detroit’s importance. It can only be seen as equal parts bad luck and bad preparation.

Quinn clearly understands that she is under fire to be served, and this is not just because of the mandate her ownership has placed on her. Showcase a playoff contender in 2020, or something else.

To do that, Quinn needs to make all the right moves this offseason with a few exceptions. There is very little margin for error he can make when he is trying to do things the right way.

It’s time for the Lions to step up

From ownership to players, the only way out of the 3-12-1 mess is to get everything together in the same direction. Having to allocate the right funds to help Quinn rebuild the roster when needed, Quinn and Patricia needed to be on the same page in terms of how to solve those annoying problems.

Most importantly, players have to buy for the bigger picture. The culture needs to change and everyone needs to embrace the direction of Patricia and Quinn. Everyone should work together to make this fact possible. This won’t happen unless everyone gets the same page.

Until all of these things happen, the talk will remain cheap from the front of the office. It’s a big offseason in Detroit, and the Lions are on the clock.

The next move that Quinn makes may very well decide and define her entire career.

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