Navigate the Streets of Tarkov Map to Find the Best Extracts with Our Detailed Information!

Streets of Tarkov Map: The Streets of Tarkov map is all new, and it’s the most interesting one in Escape From Tarkov. Instead of getting familiar with the map, hotspots, etc., as some other players do, we focused on the basics and located all the extraction locations first.

If you’re waiting at the same place as me and are curious about the site of the extracts, then let’s have a look. The sections are located on the map we provided in this tutorial. Whenever you feel comfortable doing so, we’ll be here to help.

As the map of Streets of Tarkov is somewhat sizable, familiarising yourself with your surroundings is essential. Let’s be clear, though: nobody has mastered it since the initial wipe because it’s brand new to everyone.

There is room for 15–17 players on the map, so get ready for some insane gun battles. The thousands of different rooms make the map appear larger. Almost every structure has its unique aesthetic, which should speed up your orientation process.

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Streets of Tarkov Map

Like learning to use any map for the first time, navigating the Streets of Tarkov might be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. The reason for this is that everywhere you look, there are buildings that look almost identical to one other.

However, the above map can be used to find your way about and get acquainted with the location of critical structures. Once you start picking out the different brand names and logos, it becomes much less of a chore.

However, you can still see the church to the south from the main street, an important landmark. As a temporary measure, if you’re hopelessly lost without a compass, this will help.

Seeing what extracts I already have is another method I use to learn new maps. If you check them against a map, you’ll probably find that you’re on the opposite side from where your extractions were made.

Dangerous Areas on Streets of Tarkov in Escape from Tarkov

Since patch 0.13 and the most recent reset, I’m still getting my bearings on this map, but I do know where to be wary.

As shown above, you should be careful if you’re trying to run down the middle of the map’s main street. When I’m out for a run, I’m always on the lookout for open windows, which you must do whenever you’re near any building.

I’ve discovered that the region between the SCAV Checkpoint and the Basement Descent extracts is also somewhat risky. There are a lot of shrubs here, making it easy for SCAVs to sneak up on you and fire without you realizing it.

In Escape from Tarkov, there is nothing more frustrating than dying without a clear explanation. Other than that, watch out for the indicated snipers north and south of Streets of Tarkov.

Raid Boss Locations on the Streets of Tarkov Map

I haven’t yet reached the point of certainty where I can confidently identify each raid boss on this map, let alone pinpoint its exact location. Glukhar and Killa have been mentioned, while comments on Reddit also include Shturman.

Some have questioned whether or not Streets of Tarkov is extraordinary and capable of supporting a wide variety of raid bosses.

This concludes my walkthrough of the Streets of Tarkov in Escape from Tarkov. The article will be revised soon to provide more details as they become available to us.

If you have any suggestions that may be helpful to others, please leave them in the comments. You can find all our guides in one convenient location, which I’ve linked in this post.

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