Steven Adams, Thunder, Draymond Green, Warriors

Stephen Adams admitted that he did not have a bad will for Kevin Durant, despite the fact that he would say that he would react differently to his exit from the thunder of Oklahoma City. In a recent podcast appearance with Zach Lowe from ESPN, Adams talked about how he wrote the aforementioned opinion in his autobiography in 2018: “My life, my battle: the rebellion from New Zealand to the OCC thunder,” but was still cordial with Durant, even sending him a Facebook message once after his departure.

“This is the communication part. People will be upset despite this, ”Adams said on the Lowe Post podcast, discussing Durant’s decision to leave Thunder. “But they can still respect you in the sense that you respect the relationships that you guys have built, if that makes sense. Not that I took it too personally, because my time with him was limited, and also, as if he was older, I was younger. Therefore, I do not like to try to criticize him for this. But I just said that if I were in his situation, any relations that I would build, I would probably first let them know. Just gives them a head. Or even then, even after the whole deal, like: “Hey bro, poison, poison, poison.”

Adams admits that since Durant left Thunder, they haven’t talked much, but remember that they sent him a message on Facebook, a platform that he doesn’t seem to use.

“No, not at all,” he said. “I sent him a message on Facebook, but I don’t think he uses Facebook.”

Durant is experienced enough, but he prefers restricting Twitter and Instagram for an online joke, as well as YouTube for watching clips of old basketball games and episodic TV shows, now that he is helping release ESPN The Boardroom.