Starfield Takes Galaxy by Storm: Bigger and More Ambitious Than Expectations

Starfield Takes Galaxy by Storm: The newest rumor suggests that Bethesda’s upcoming action RPG, Starfield, is more ambitious than playtesters had anticipated. Host Colt Eastwood mentioned in the most recent episode of the XNC Podcast that he has heard from a channel of people who have presumably been play-testing Starfield that Bethesda’s upcoming action RPG is bigger and more ambitious than what was previously expected.

Eastwood claims that Starfield is much larger than the worlds of Skyrim and Fallout. It builds upon the foundation laid by these two games and the studio’s previous work.

Starfield Takes Galaxy by Storm
Starfield Takes Galaxy by Storm

He claims to have communicated with a group of dedicated playtesters who have shared nothing but praise for the game. Everything he’s heard suggests that Bethesda has “nailed” the sense of scale.

Eastwood has stated that he has no intention of overselling Starfield to fans, but all the feedback he has received has been positive. This is despite the fact that he has spoken to people who were initially skeptical of the game.

Bethesda has already launched a Starfield support page, so it’s possible the game will be available soon. And it’s said that the game will launch before Redfall. Only an early 2023 release date and platform support (Xbox Series X|S and PC) are mentioned on the game’s support page.

However, a specific release date has not yet been announced. Starfield’s final release date, according to the rumor, will be revealed at an Xbox showcase event this month, in January 2023.

New information about Starfield’s story, quests, and factions had been revealed earlier in a series of developer interviews published by Bethesda. Even though most of Starfield takes place in space, complete with planets and cities to discover, players will have access to Earth as well.

Within the game world, this location is referred to as “Old Neighborhood,” and we will be required to return there to complete certain quests.

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