Starfield Release Date, Pre-order, Story, And Leaks

The Starfield release date has been postponed, but we still have the latest Bethesda RPG game trailers, news, and gameplay information. When can we expect to see Starfield in theatres?

Officially scheduled for November 2022, Bethesda has recently announced that Starfield will now launch in 2023. Fortunately, the new open-world game looked pretty good in our brief demo at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase this past summer. The Starfield fanbase has been left thirsty for further details since then, but I have faith that Bethesda won’t keep us waiting for long. I have faith that whichever date Starfield finally sees release, it will be well worth the anticipation. What we know at the moment is as follows.

Starfield Release Date

Launching exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X/S through Xbox Game Pass, Starfield is scheduled for the first half of 2023. Bethesda has announced via Twitter that the release date of November 11, 2022, has been pushed back. Unfortunately, this won’t be released this year as previously expected.

Based on the cinematic teaser shown at Microsoft and Bethesda’s E3 2021 presentation, as well as the tidbits of information provided in the regular Starfield updates, it seemed like the game would be released by the end of the year. The fact that Lucas Hardi, one of Starfield’s concept designers, has been working on the game since 2016 suggests that pre-production began that year.

Given that the game’s name was announced last year, this isn’t too shocking. Starfield’s composer, Inon Zur, has stated that the game is “huge” and “will consume a lot of your being.” We are still as excited as ever, despite the fact that this sounds terrifying.

Starfield Pre-order

The Starfield pre-order is now live at select retailers. Now you can pre-order it from GameStop in the United States or GAME in the United Kingdom. You can also get Starfield on PC Game Pass (and Xbox Game Pass for console players) so that you can dive right into the open-world action as soon as it launches. If you’re already a Game Pass subscriber, you won’t need to pre-order Starfield. However, we expect that you’ll be able to pre-load it in the days leading up to the game’s release.

Starfield Story

Even though the plot of Starfield is a mystery, we now know that there are over 150,000 lines of dialogue. The amount of conversation here is significantly higher than what you’d find in Skyrim. Concerns may be raised by Bethesda’s apparent “more is better” approach.

Starfield Developer Diary

Updates on the development of Starfield have been posted to the official Starfield Twitter account. The game’s director, Todd Howard, as well as the game’s design director, Emil Pagliarulo, lead quest designer, Will Shen, and lead artist, Istvan Pely, all weighed in on the game’s development in this 6-minute video.

Bethesda’s goal with Starfield is to provide players with a nonlinear experience by letting them choose their own path through a rich and detailed setting. Instead of having you sign on the dotted line, Howard says he’d rather “put you in the situation where you’re going to decide”

Bethesda, according to Pagliarulo, doesn’t “just make RPGs;” rather, the developer specializes in “simulations.” Because the company prioritizes player agency, each playthrough will likely feel significantly different from the last. According to Pely, “We embrace the chaos, let it play out, and usually, it’s pretty fun.”

Howard is excited to implement features like backgrounds, traits, and other stats reminiscent of “older, hardcore RPGs” into Starfield. Character creation, according to Pely, has “leveled up” as a result of the use of real-world model scans.

Starfield will follow in the footsteps of previous Bethesda games by featuring a variety of factions, each of which is based on a unique space philosophy. An idealized version of the “space republic,” the United Colonies is a utopia in space. What we have in The Freestar Collective can best be described as a “space-western fantasy.” And Ryujin Industries is a multinational conglomerate with “one of the best starts of any of the factions,” in Shen’s words.

The player can even choose to side with the game’s most powerful antagonist group, The Crimson Fleet. According to Howard, “the story the players tell themselves is the one that they think about and love the most,” which sheds light on the matter regardless of the story the writers and editors come up with.

VASCO, a robotic companion in the game, is briefly glimpsed in the video as well. Some of their design is shown, and they say, “Hello captain, how may I be of assistance?” in the video.

The risk involved in a conversation is something the player will have to consider in Starfield’s persuasion system, which borrows some ideas from Oblivion. They also tried to steer clear of including “the right thing to say.” In their conversation, Howard describes it as “one of the most successful” new systems.

To cap off the diary, Pagliarulo claims that “what is out there” is the central question of Starfield, promising a depth beyond the surface elements of romance and adventure, evoking a sense of wonder within the cosmos and the universe. Howard encourages the player to ponder life’s most fundamental mysteries, such as “why are we all here? Where is it leading? And what is next for humanity?”

Starfield Leaks

Images from Starfield apparently leaked, revealing a wealth of information.

Starfield Release Date
Starfield Release Date

The first picture is a model of a sturdy spacecraft. The ship is battered, the paint is scratched, and it looks like the engineer threw together a bunch of scraps to make a barely-functioning spacecraft, all of which immediately suggest a less high-tech version of humanity. A space western vibe is a kind of there.

Starfield Release Date
Starfield Release Date

The second picture, however, shows something different. In this scene, our hero is floating in front of a spaceship that is noticeably newer and better maintained than the one we saw earlier. The spacesuit worn by the playable character also resembles a modern Extravehicular Mobility Unit, which is used by Nasa for interplanetary travel.

A weapon icon that resembles a sawed-off shotgun appears in the bottom right corner. If it’s a sawed-off shotgun, the setting is probably more realistic than fantastical, but it could be a futuristic laser-based weapon with a similar shape. Leaked images of a gold dome show yet another aspect of Starfield’s inspiration from real-world space technology. This is from an older production run, so it shouldn’t be used as an accurate indicator of future results.

Starfield Multiplayer 

Will there be multiplayer in Starfield?

The simple answer is no. The extended response is still no, but if you insist on proof, you can watch Todd Howard confirm that Starfield will be a single-player experience at this Develop: Brighton Digital conference session from 2020. If you don’t have the time to watch the whole thing, Howard discusses Starfield’s multiplayer features (or lack thereof) at the 45-minute mark.

Those are the only details we have concerning the Starfield release. We still have a while to go until November before we hear any updates, but we’re eagerly anticipating them. If you’re looking for even more epic role-playing games that haven’t come out yet, you should read up on what’s happening with The Elder Scrolls 6 and The Witcher 4.