Starfield Will Not Be Coming To The Ps4 Or Ps5

Xbox’s purchase of Bethesda means that the PlayStation 4 and 5 will not be getting Starfield, and it is highly doubtful that the game will be released on any other platforms save Xbox and PC. It’s a bummer if your only gaming console is a PlayStation, but despite initial uncertainty, Microsoft has confirmed that there will be no Starfield PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 release.

People are still looking for answers and inspiration because of an initial misunderstanding. Bethesda’s status as a multiformat publisher at the game’s announcement meant that the company may have been able to strike a deal with Sony’s PlayStation.

Despite Xbox’s acquisition of the studio, games like Deathloop continued to be released for the PlayStation platform. Furthermore, many remarks made after the acquisition were ambiguous, which stoked the news cycle but left readers in the dark about plans.

Xbox, Bethesda, and even Todd Howard have clarified that Starfield will only be available on Xbox One and PC. In case you’ve been living under a rock, we’ve laid down the sequence of events that led up to this point for you.

It’s too late to play Starfield on PS5 or PS4, however, at one time, it was a possibility.

There was widespread consternation before Xbox acquired Bethesda. Starfield’s single-player adventure was likely aiming for several platforms when it was launched, as we noted before Bethesda was acquired. In the wake of the acquisition, however, Starfield’s future was in question; even PlayStation head Jim Ryan sounded hesitant at first, saying that whether or not the game will release on PS4 or PS5 was “a choice that is out of our hands, we’ll wait and see.”

Starfield Ps5
Starfield Ps5

When the smoke cleared, Pete Hines, a producer at Bethesda, was cited as saying, “Several other companies use the Xbox name for their systems. Since Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang didn’t affect the availability of Minecraft on any platforms, it continues to exist.

That’s not a “sorry you’ll never get to play anything on PlayStation again” kind of thing. “Many people read that to mean there was still hope for Starfield on PlayStation. However, the rumor was shortly squashed when Xbox’s general manager of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, announced that “Starfield will be launching solely for Xbox Series X/S and PC.”

Xbox is upfront that there will never be a timed exclusive, but many PS4 and PS5 owners are always looking for any sign that there might be one. Even Todd Howard acknowledged that restricting the system would result in a higher quality game, saying, “If at all possible, include everyone in your plans.

Last but not least, the quality of your final product will be determined by how well you can narrow your focus and say, “This is the game I want to produce, and these are the platforms I want to make it on.”. “

Fans of Starfield on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be incredibly disappointed to learn that Sony was said to be negotiating an exclusive release of the game in the months before Microsoft bought out the studio behind it.

The window of opportunity has closed, so Xbox and PC are now your only alternatives if you want to investigate Starfield’s backgrounds and starting talents for your character or sketch up ideas for Starfield ship modification.