Stadia Controller Bluetooth: Enhanced Gaming with Peripheral Support

With the release of the Stadia controller, Google has also delivered the promised web tool to enable Bluetooth functionality. This prevents the platform’s primary peripheral from becoming a glorified paperweight by allowing owners to use it with PC, iOS, and Android devices through the cloud. On Wednesday at 11:59 PM PT, Stadia will permanently close.

Stadia Controller Bluetooth: Enhanced Gaming with Peripheral Support

If you own a Stadia controller and want to enable Bluetooth, you can do it using this web-based tool. In a nutshell, the procedure is fast, straightforward, and simple. You must first use a USB-C cable to link your controller to your PC, and charge it to at least 10% before proceeding. After that, launch Chrome and navigate to the site where you downloaded the tool.

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Cloud gaming was one of Google’s services that were slated for retirement in September. Beginning in November, it refunded purchases of games and hardware, and a number of development companies jumped in to help port games.

For instance, Ubisoft is giving away free PC versions of their games when bought through Stadia, while IO Interactive delivered on their promise of a Progression Carryover feature for Hitman users.

So that I can try out the instrument, I dusted off my Stadia controller. I plugged it into my MacBook, launched Chrome, and had no trouble completing the process once it charged for half an hour (it had been in a box for two years). Once you’re done, you may link it with other devices by pressing and holding the Stadia button alongside the ‘Y’ button.

Stadia Controller Bluetooth
Stadia Controller Bluetooth

If there’s any chance you would wish to play one final game on Stadia before it closes down, you should probably hold off on using the Bluetooth tool until after the shutdown has occurred. You may take this occasion to test out Google’s “thank you” gift to its regular customers, the Worm Game, which was introduced just last week. Stadia had its share of devoted followers, but not enough to keep the service afloat on its own.

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Frequently asked questions

Does any Bluetooth controller work with Stadia?

If your smart TV is compatible with Stadia, but lacks Bluetooth, you may still use your PS4 or Xbox controller by plugging it into an available USB port.

Can you use Stadia controller for anything else?

Although the Stadia controller is already wired for use with PC, Mac, and smartphones, it can only connect wirelessly with the Stadia platform over Bluetooth.

Does Stadia controller work with Android TV?

All you need are a Google TV or Android TV-enabled device to use Stadia. It's recommended that you play on a screen and controller that are officially supported by Stadia.