New Splatter Royale Mode Added to Evil Dead: The Game

The last patch included a new mode to the multiplayer horror game Evil Dead called “Splatter Royale,” which is essentially a take on the “battle royale” concept. Players (there can be up to 40) compete to be the last deadite standing by taking control of deadite variants of the game’s existing Survivor and Demon characters.

Treasure can be found in dungeons and chests, but it can also be obtained through special events, some of which require you to fight elite or boss NPCs. At the end of each round, you choose one of four classes—Assassin, Butcher, Commando, or Marksman—and level up in that class’s respective tree of abilities.

New Splatter Royale Mode Added to Evil Dead:The Game
New Splatter Royale Mode Added to Evil Dead: The Game

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Two new weapons are also included in this update. The grenade launcher does what you’d expect it to do; it fires exploding grenades, and the scythe appears to be a particularly nasty limb-lopper capable of severing legs and skulls.

Added to the game alongside Splatter Royale is a downloadable content pack called the Immortal Power Bundle, which features a new survivor by the name of Ruby Knowby. Inspired by Lucy Lawless’s portrayal of Ruby in Ash vs. Evil Dead, Lawless provides her voice once again in this game.

In the video below, which was uploaded on YouTube by the official “Evil Dead: The Game” channel, you can get a brief summary of Splatter Royale-

Eating souls fortifies her aura and charges her particular ability, an area-of-effect blast that deals damage to enemies and heals friendly ones. She also has the ability to regenerate, increase the damage done by her weapons, and make herself more resistant to poison. The Puppeteer Demon, Kelly, Pablo, and Ash (who gets a “party animal” Hawaiian shirt) all acquire new, high-quality clothing as part of the deal.

In initial review of Evil Dead: The Game, writer Luke Winkie gave it a score of 85 and commented, “There are so many fast-paced decisions to make, so many strategic wrinkles to consider, that a round of Evil Dead often leaves me feeling as exhausted as I do after a white-knuckle StarCraft duel. Trust me, I mean that as a compliment.”

On the other hand, the fifth film in the Evil Dead franchise, titled Evil Dead Rise, will be released on April 21. Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan star in this horror film directed by Lee Cronin (who also helmed the 2019 film The Hole in the Ground).

We’ve embedded the trailer for “Evil Dead Rise” down below in case you’re a fan of the horror genre:

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