Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere Demo Times, How To Join And More

Information on today’s free Splatfest demo may be found here. Despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch version of Splatoon 3 doesn’t come out for another two weeks, you can get a taste of it today in the form of a demo at Splatfest World Premiere.

All Switch users may get some early experience with the colorful team shooter during today’s free, limited-time demo event. Everything you need to know to get started with the Splatfest demo, including when it begins and how to sign up, is listed below. You can learn more about Splatoon 3 by reading our comprehensive guide.

What Is The Splatfest World Premiere?

The World Premiere of Splatfest is a demo/beta test for the third installment of the Splatoon series. Those who grab the trial right now may take a look around Splitsville, the game’s central hub, and learn the ropes via a quick tutorial.

The main event, a “Splatfest” in which players choose a team and gain points for their side by participating in Turf War battles, will begin on August 27 and be hosted by Nintendo.

When Does The Splatfest World Premiere Start?

As of Monday, August 25, players can try out the Splatfest World Premiere trial, although the main event isn’t until Saturday, August 27. The event will begin at 9 a.m. PT (12 p.m. ET) in the Americas and last for 12 hours, ending at 9 p.m. PT (12 a.m. ET).

The Splatfest for the World Premiere will be split into two parts, which is different from past Splatfests in the Splatoon series. Players will engage in classic four-on-four Turf War matches for the first three hours of the Splatfest (from noon to three p.m. PT).

However, the new Tricolor Turf Wars will be pitting you against other participants for the duration of the event. In a three-way match, the top team will send four players, while the second and third-place teams each send two.

How Do I Join Splatfest?

Simply download the free demo client from the Nintendo eShop and sign in during the event hours to take part in the Splatfest World Premiere.

Where Can I Find Out If I Need Nintendo Switch Online?

Due to the nature of the Splatfest being an online competition, a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for entry. Nintendo is offering a free seven-day trial to anyone who downloads the demo and is not already a subscriber.

After installing the trial version of the client, you will get a code to activate the trial period by email. In order to take advantage of the free trial, you must redeem the code through the Nintendo eShop by August 31.

What Do You Do In The Splatfest?

Splatfests have always required players to pick a side and battle it out to the finish in previous games. The foundations of Splatoon remain the same, despite the game’s newfound variety in that you can choose from three distinct teams.

The Splatfest terminal can be found at the Splitsville plaza; once there, select a team to support and dive into online battles to gain points. Nintendo wants to know once and for all, at the Splatfest World Premiere, which is the superior weapon: rock, paper, or scissors?

Remember that your choice in Splatfest will have lasting consequences. It’s important to give thorough consideration to your decision, as you won’t be able to switch sides after you’ve made one.

After the Splatfest has begun, players can dive right into Turf War, the game’s main online mode. In this mode, rather than trying to wipe out the opposing team, you’ll be competing to spread your team’s ink over the map. Three minutes will be up and the winner will be the side that has tattooed the most turf.

Treehouse Live Stream

On August 25th, before the Splatfest World Premiere, Nintendo broadcast a Treehouse: Live webcast highlighting Splatoon 3. The single-player campaign and a number of the Splatfest stages were seen in further detail throughout the stream.

Harvestella, a forthcoming fantasy agricultural simulation developed by Square Enix, had additional gameplay demonstrated by Nintendo. A recording of Treehouse: Live has been made available for your viewing pleasure.

Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch will be released on September 9. Preordering the game through CNET will save you $11.

After Splatoon 3 is out, Nintendo plans to deliver a number of free updates, some of which will add new stages, weaponry, and game modes. There have been no official announcements, but the developers have hinted at a “big” paid DLC addition for Splatoon 2 that would include the game’s most popular idols, Pearl and Marina.

This version was first released on August 19, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. PT.