Inkling Cookies: A Delicious Way to Celebrate Splatfest with Your Favorite Splatoon Fan!

Splatfest: A Splatoon 3 player bakes cookies shaped like the series’ signature Inklings in honor of the current Splatfest. The entirety of Splatoon 3’s player base participates in Splatfests, the game’s largest in-game events.

Each Splatfest in Splatoon 3 features Turf War battles between three teams, each of which is named after a different member of the fictional band Deep Cut.

Players in the current food-themed Splatfest can join either Team Spicy, led by Shiver, Team Sweet, led by Frye, or Team Sour, led by Big Man.


Halfway through a 24-hour Splatfest, the game’s special TriColor Turf Wars will begin, bringing together all three teams to fight on a single stage. After 48 hours, the Splatfest will come to a close and the TriColor Turf Wars will come to an end.

Starting on January 6 at 7 p.m. EST, the current Splatfest in Splatoon 3 reached halftime the following day, marking the beginning of TriColor Turf Wars.

An eager Splatoon 3 fan even baked cookies decorated to resemble the Inklings’ squid forms, complete with special sprinkles for their tentacles, just in time for the upcoming battles.

The cookies were colored a pale purple to represent Team Sweet’s uniform during the Splatfest Turf War.

As a joke, some Splatoon 3 fans on Reddit suggested including jalapenos or lemons in the cookies to make them more appealing to players on Team Spicy and Team Sour, respectively.

Splatoon 3’s food and drink tickets allow players to consume foods in exchange for multiplayer boosts to abilities, money, or XP; however, cookies are a fitting food of choice for a member of Team Sweet, despite their absence from the game.

Today’s thriving multiplayer games often rely on seasonal events to keep their player bases engaged. Since the first game in the series was released in 2015, Splatoon games have featured tournaments called “Splatfests” to fill this void.

Big Run, an event in Splatoon 3 based on the Salmon Run mode introduced in Splatoon 2, upped the ante and added a lot of variety to the game’s tournaments.

With over two dozen Splatfests spread out over three years for Splatoon 2, and only three for Splatoon 3 so far, fans are sure to get more as the game develops. The Nintendo Switch version of Splatoon 3 is now available.

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