Indulge in the Sweetest Victory with Special Edition Xbox Oreo Cookies and Delicious Prizes!

Special Edition Xbox Oreo Cookies: Xbox recognizes that there is more to the fun of gaming than what appears on the screen. This is why we’ve collaborated with Oreo, the most popular cookie in the world, to add a new dimension of fun to Xbox.

This partnership will give gamers the chance to experience the sweet taste of victory in the form of the classic Oreo cookie and creme filling with six unique embossed cookie designs and exclusive in-game and real-world prizes.

In 22 countries (Europe only), Oreo is releasing limited edition packs with multiple new cookie designs, combining the Xbox logo with the brand’s signature cookie design.

Special Edition Xbox Oreo Cookies
Special Edition Xbox Oreo Cookies

These special-edition cookies feature the Xbox logo and the familiar A, B, X, and Y buttons from the game controller, along with an arrow.

Players can win a variety of goodies by scanning the Oreo Xbox Special Edition cookies and deciphering exclusive cookie combinations based on classic cheat codes from video games.

Exciting, exclusive Oreo-themed in-game content, such as armor packs and vehicle skins, can be unlocked by entering the baked-in symbols in the correct sequence in games like Forza Horizon 5, Sea of Thieves, and Halo Infinite.

In addition, depending on availability in the participant’s region, they will be entered into a drawing for prizes including custom Oreo hardware, Xbox consoles, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships, and a holiday experience for the whole family.

Starting in January 2023, while supplies last, select retailers in select countries will sell the limited-edition Oreo Xbox cookie. If you’re a fan and you want in on the action, head on over to oreo. eu, or use the hashtag #UnlockPlayfulness wherever you like to chat online.

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