Sony Achieves a New Console Sales Record With 38.4 Million PS5 Shipments

Sony’s PlayStation games business has broken a number of annual and quarterly sales records. Most of these records were broken because of the insanely high sales of the PlayStation 5 console. In Q4’22, Sony was able to ship a record-breaking 6.3 million PS5 consoles, which set a new all-time high for platforms shipped in the January-March quarter.

Sony was able to ship 19 million PlayStation 5 systems during Fiscal Year 2022 because it worked hard to make consoles using the new 6nm SoC process for the PS5 and made several changes that made shipping to other countries easier. This is the second most consoles shipped each year, after the 20 million PS4s shipped in Fiscal Year 2016.

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The number of PlayStation 5 consoles shipped around the world has now hit 38.4 million. In terms of when they came out, the PS5 is still behind the PS4, but the gap is closing quickly. The PlayStation 4 sold 40,2 million systems in its first 10 quarters on the market, while the PlayStation 5 only sold 38,4 million.

The Japanese tech company isn’t done yet. For the current Fiscal Year 2023, it has set a very high sales goal for the PS5. Sony Corp. President Hiroki Totoki has stated that 25 million PS5s will be shipped by the end of FY23. This is to increase the PS5’s install base and boost sales of digital content.

This is the biggest shipment goal ever for PlayStation, which is a billion-dollar business. If Sony can reach this high goal, the PlayStation 5 will have sold 63.4 million units by March 2024, which is more than the PS4’s launch-time sales of 60.2 million units during the same time period.

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