What is Solo Leveling Ragnarok Manga Release Date?

The latest news is sure to make a lot of fans of Manhwa fall in love. Before the Solo Leveling anime comes out, the Solo Leveling Ragnarok manga spin-off will come out early.

This week, not only was the official announcement made, but it was also made clear when the first chapter will be out for good. Fans would not have to wait more than a week to catch up on the story, which made them happy. So, here is everything you need to know.

The first book of Solo Leveling ended with the release of the 179th chapter in December 2021. But the new manhwa will skip a few years before bringing Sung Jin-son woo’s back for a new adventure.

Solo Leveling Ragnarok Manga: Official!

The official Kakaopage YouTube channel was the source of this update, making it unique. The video served as notice that the sequel manga, Solo Leveling Ragnarok Manga, will be made available for free online. The definitive debut of the first chapter was also announced at this time.

This indicates the lengthiest period of time the project spent in development. This spin-off, released before the first anime season, is the icing on the cake. Here’s the brand-new clip:

Solo Leveling Ragnarok Manga: Release Date

Manga updates, in contrast to anime news, tend to hit shelves more quickly. The creators of Solo Leveling Ragnarok Manga wasted no time in spreading the news of the spin-official off’s release date. The first part of the adventure will be published in its entirety on April 10, 2023.

You can only read the latest chapters of the manhwa on the official Kakaopages. When new information becomes available, we will be sure to update this section. As a result, check back regularly with The Anime Daily to learn everything you need to know.

What Will Be The Plot?

The plot is mostly unknown because so little information has been made available. Yet the one bit of information that has leaked is that a new protagonist will be featured in the Solo Leveling Ragnarok manga. Sung Jin-Ho, son of Sung Jin-woo.

They resumed their normal activities after the last attack. Several years of tranquility and cooperation follow. Now, however, is when people will begin to notice a pattern of unusual occurrences.

 Solo Leveling Ragnarok Manga Release Date

Sung Jin-ho, who has been fed a steady diet of legends about demons and powerful heroes throughout his life, will recognize the threat immediately. The big question is, therefore, what they will face next. Will Sung Jin-ho maintain his father’s honorable reputation? Only the upcoming season can reveal that, though.

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