Get Your Action Fix with Solo Leveling: Arise, the Epic RPG by Netmarble!

Solo Leveling: Arise At G-Star 2022, which ran from November 17-20, Netmarble unveiled a new promotional video and a playable demo for Solo Leveling: Arise, an action RPG based on the popular web novel series Solo Leveling. The game is currently in development for PC and mobile platforms.

Author Chu-Gong and artist Jang “Dubu” Sang-rak of Redice Studio team up to bring you the Korean web novel series Solo Leveling, or manhwa.

In a contemporary world where humans can develop magical abilities and become hunters, the protagonist, Sung Jin-woo, is an E-rank hunter who is struggling to pay his mother’s medical bills.

Joining dungeon raids frequently allows him to make a decent living, despite his notoriety for being the world’s weakest hunter.

Solo Leveling Arise
Solo Leveling Arise

Jin-party woos abandoned him in a perilous double lair, but he managed to complete a hidden quest and earn the title of “player,” which grants him the ability to solo dungeons, acquire quests, and level up his character’s attributes.

While the world of Solo Leveling: Arise will be similar to that of the original story, it will allow players to level up their characters and awaken them to become the most powerful hunter possible.

A recent demo presented at G-Star 2022 revealed the game’s three playable modes: a “Story Mode” depicting Sung’s development, a “Hunter Mode” in which players control hunters from different guilds, and a “Time Attack Mode” in which they must quickly dispatch their foes.

Netmarble is known for its strong action role-playing games, and Solo Leveling: Arise is no exception.

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The game’s 3D graphics are reminiscent of anime, and the characters’ animations and effects are both responsive and visually striking. You’ll need to switch between characters and make use of their unique abilities to overcome the challenges posed by the opposing team.

No release date has been announced, but an anime adaptation of the series is set to begin airing on television in 2023, so you can get a feel for the story in the meantime.

Players can pre-register for Solo Leveling: Arise on the official site, though they may need a Korean mobile number to complete the process.

Solo Leveling: Arise by Netmarble showcased at G-STAR 2022

At G-STAR 2022, Netmarble showed off a playable demo of Solo Leveling: Arise, giving us our first real look at the game in the series. You can also check out this promotional video:

The pre-registration event for Solo: Awakening has concluded, but it was likely only open to people living in South Korea.

The higher-priced items would include earbuds and a boxed set of the web novel series. Additionally, you can participate in a giveaway by voting for two of your favorite characters in a special event.

The game includes some of these features:

  • Story Mode: Watch as Sung Jin-Woo goes from being the weakest “Hunter” to one who engages in the eponymous “solo leveling.”
  • Utilizing Hunters from different Guilds in a “Hunter Mode”
  • As the name implies, “Time Attack Mode” is a mode that tasks players with completing a mission against an enemy as quickly as possible.

You’ll be switching between your party members, each of whom has four unique skills, as you take on waves of enemies in this action role-playing game.

There is currently no word on when the game will be available for purchase or download. Since there are plans for additional adaptations of this series, that might be enough to hold you over until the game is released.

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