Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date: Where to Stream the Thrilling Season?

Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date: The two seasons of Apple TV+’s adaptation of the best-selling book series by Mick Herron, Slow Horses, have successfully destroyed our faith in the nation’s security services by showing how much they rely on luck and occasional, freak moments of competence in the face of institutional decay, bureaucratic incompetence, and indifference.

As an audience, we’ve witnessed Gary Oldman talk with his mouth full more times than anyone should have to endure epic flatulence, staggering levels of over-false confidence, and Gary Oldman’s incessant farting. In addition, it’s been fantastic.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that not only is production underway on Slow Horses Season 3, but Season 4 has also been greenlit for production. Two more years of spies’ hell in Slough House await us, and we couldn’t be happier.

Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date
Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date

Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date

Season one premiered on April 1, 2022, and season two followed in December (they filmed them back to back). Season three will likely premiere in late 2023, given a television show’s typical production timeline.

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Slow Horses Season 3 Cast

If it weren’t for Jackson Lamb, the resident torture master, Slough House wouldn’t be as effective as a punishment detail. A confirmed regular, Gary Oldman, stated on the Kermode and Mayo podcast that he would continue filming for as long as the producers needed him.

Not everyone made it through the first two seasons. Therefore, neither Dustin Demri-Burns’ Min Harper nor Olivia Cooke’s Sid Baker will appear (yet, readers know her story isn’t over).

What other people are expected to return?

Jonathan Pryce, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Saskia Reeves, Kristin Scott-Thomas as Diana Taverner and Catherine Standish, Jack Lowden as River Cartwright; Rosalind Eleazar as Louisa Guy; Christopher Chung as Roddy Ho; (David Cartwright).

Also returning are newcomers Aimée-Ffion Edwards (Shirley Dander) and Kadiff Kirwan (Marcus Longridge), who both made their initial deployment unscathed.

James “Spider” Webb, played by Freddie Fox, was shot at the end of season two; should he return, Fox would have an easy time acting, as Webb is still in a coma throughout book three.

What Will Happen in Slow Horses Season 3

Due to the show’s consistent faithfulness to the books thus far, it is almost certain that season three will adapt the events of the third book, Real Tigers. Spook Street will be covered in Season 4.

The story follows Catherine Standish as she is kidnapped by an ex-lover who has an unexplained vendetta against the Security Service. Of course, there’s more to the story than meets the eye, and it would be cool to see Roddy Ho driving a London bus straight into a mansion.

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