Short but Mighty: Skyrim Player Avoids Trap by Ducking and Dodging!

Skyrim Player Avoids Trap: Some Bethesda game fans have complained about the size of hitboxes; however, in Skyrim, a player’s survival depended on nothing more than their character’s height.

Since the Altmer (also known as High Elves) are the tallest playable race in The Elder Scrolls games, many players who specialize in speedrunning favor creating Altmer characters because of their advantageous stature in terms of movement.

Contrarily, their eastern cousins from Valenwood are the shortest playable race, and Bosmer is the most popular choice for those who want to create a stealthy or ranged Dragonborn.

There are many different kinds of traps to be found in the dangerous areas of Skyrim, such as Dwemer ruins, ancient Nord tombs, bandit caves, and other similar places.

These dangers are rarely fatal to the Dragonborn due to their low damage levels unless the game is being played in a very difficult setting. As a result, many players seek out mods for Skyrim that increase the difficulty of traps in an effort to make dungeon- and cavern-diving more exciting.

Skyrim Player Avoids Trap
Skyrim Player Avoids Trap

The experience shared by battlemage32 on the official Skyrim subreddit has amused several players from the community, though it is unclear whether or not battlemage32 was using any gameplay mods in Skyrim that modify traps specifically.

In Hag’s End, a Nord ruin that houses (among other things) the word wall for the Slow Time dragon shout in Skyrim, battlemage32 was able to completely avoid the dangers of a fire-trapped chest by playing as a Bosmer woman.

It could be argued that Bethesda should have made accommodations for all playable races in the trap, but mistakes like this give games, especially open-world sandboxes like Skyrim, a charming and accidental complexity.

Despite the fact that Starfield appears to feature only human protagonists, players can still hold out hope that Bethesda will take cues from Skyrim’s robust modding community and implement a more nuanced hitbox system.

Many players are curious if future Bethesda games will follow in the footsteps of Minecraft by including a paid marketplace for third-party content, as this feature has been discussed for Skyrim.

Even though this wouldn’t be Bethesda’s first attempt to make money off of user-generated content, I imagine the result would be the same.

Fans are understandably concerned that Starfield will launch with a mod marketplace of some kind, despite the fact that the Skyrim modding scene is too well-established for such a drastic change.

It’s too soon to tell what kind of policy Bethesda has in store for Starfield in regard to third-party content, but it’s safe to assume there will be a plethora of booby traps hidden in inopportune places with equally improbable means of evading them.

Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox One S is The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim: Anniversary Edition.

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