Skyrim New Mod: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Version of Skyrim!

Skyrim New Mod: Skyrim’s mod community has been well-known practically since the game’s release. With the release of Skyrim Special Edition, Bethesda’s official modding platform, which is accessible in-game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, was made available to consoles for the first time.

Since the release of Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, the Skyrim modding community has been hit with a slew of new challenges due to changes in the game’s code. Even though it’s been half a year since the release of the Anniversary Edition, new compatible mods are being released with greater frequency.

However, you should still verify that your version of the game is compatible with these mods before installing them. Mods for Skyrim are constantly evolving, and every so often a new mod comes out that modifies a part of the game that no other mod has touched.

A good example of this sort of mod that brings the game up to date in an unexpected way is the Every Attack Different mod, whose name is grammatically dubious but which nonetheless modifies the game in interesting ways.

While there are many places to find Skyrim add-ons, we recommend using Bethesda’s built-in mod browser to access the following mods. Find the console-specific download links for each mod below the corresponding listing and description. While most mods are compatible with multiple platforms, not all of them are.

Skyrim New Mod
Skyrim New Mod

Every Attack Is Distinct

Skyrim has held up better than most games from 2011, but it still has some relics from RPGs past, such as the fact that each weapon only has two light attack animations (for left and right swings). To remedy this, the EAD – Every Attack Different mod replaces the standard animations with 15 new animations.

In addition to the standard left and right swings, players now have access to 15 other options depending on their character’s speed, the direction they are traveling, and the direction the mouse is pointed while they are in mid-swing.

As a result, battles will have a much greater sense of momentum and urgency, leaving you wondering how you ever survived without it. Only Xbox users will be able to access the Every Attack Different Skyrim mod.

Superior Booty

When it comes to loot, the Better Loot mod delivers roughly what one would hope. Raids on Draugr tombs often reward little more than a few gems and an enchanted weapon of a different class than you specced into due to the unrewarding nature of Skyrim’s loot tables.

While this may be a bit of an exaggeration, the Better Loot mod will eliminate the possibility of this happening in-game. There are over 7,000 different containers for loot in Skyrim and its add-ons, and the Better Loot mod claims to modify them all.

Now, there are a lot of loot containers in the game, and this mod does an amazing job of hitting just about every single one of them; exploring Bleak Falls Barrow with a new character is no longer a chore when there are useful items in every corner of the tomb.

Skyrim’s Better Loot mod can be downloaded for free from the game’s mod browser on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Intelligent Citizens – Redesigning A.I

Some modifications expand the player’s arsenal with brand-new tools. Some expand the world, introducing fresh quests and unique factions to join. Modifications like Immersive Citizens bring about small but significant changes that many players come to rely on.

The conversations and NPC interactions with the Dragonborn have been reworked in this mod. One of its selling points is improved AI defenses. Citizens now respond to their environments based on how dangerous they perceive them to be, and enemies are more likely to try to flee when they’re in a life-or-death situation.

This modification enhances non-battle features such as NPC availability, background conversations, and appropriate responses based on the player’s faction, level, or relationship. The sum of these changes creates a significantly more vibrant environment in Skyrim.

The Skyrim: Immersive Citizens mod is playable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One through the game’s built-in mod browser.

Alternative Beginning – Begin Again

If you’re looking for a mod that completely overhauls Skyrim from the ground up, look no further than Alternate Start. This mod completely revamps the game’s introduction, making it possible to begin a new character’s story in any part of Skyrim (and beyond).

Instead of beginning the game in a rickety cart on the road to perdition in Helgen, players find themselves in a peculiar prison cell with nothing but a Statue of Mara and a few pieces of broken furniture.

This statue can be interacted with to set the player’s starting location, initial inventory, and initial wealth. However, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill locations; depending on your dialogue choices, you could start the game in a quaint little town like Dawnstar or even in the depths of Blackreach itself. The Alternate Start mod for Skyrim is available in-game on PC and Xbox through the mod browser.

Beyond Skyrim Bruma – Bundles

If you’re looking for a truly impressive Skyrim add-on, look no further than Beyond Skyrim Bruma. The vast majority of northern Cyrodiil has been added to Skyrim’s map thanks to Beyond Skyrim Bruma, an expansion that is part of the larger Beyond Skyrim project.

Unlike most Skyrim expansion mods, this one features new dungeons, an Ayleid ruin, and hundreds of hours of new voice-acting. It aims so high that players will have to download it in chunks. Beyond Skyrim, Bruma is available in several parts for PC and Xbox consoles through the game’s built-in mod browser.


Skyrim’s Inigo mod is one of the most well-known additions to the game, and it’s available for all platforms. An essential NPC who levels alongside the player and can’t be killed in combat, Inigo is fully voiced and has more lines of dialogue than any vanilla NPC in Skyrim.

Inigo is a charismatic Khajiit who comes with his own little side quest. Even though it appears to add nothing more than a follower, this mod is one of the most polished options for the game.

However, the addition of Inigo was so well received by the gaming community that it was awarded GameSpot’s Mod of the Year. If you own a PC or Xbox, you can access the Inigo Skyrim mod through the game’s built-in mod browser.

A Few of the Big Towns

As the name implies, The Great Cities is a mod that completely revamps the look of every major hold in Skyrim. Changes have been made to the landscape and architecture of the cities of Dawnstar, Morthal, Falkreath, Winterhold, Dragon Bridge, and Falkreath.

It’s a modification that makes Skyrim’s cities more interesting to explore. These cities feel sparse and forgettable in the base game, but after installing this mod, they take on a much more vibrant and memorable personality.

Playstation console players can access the Great Cities add-on for Skyrim through the game’s built-in mod browser.

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