Skyrim Mod Adds Dragon Textures Countless Modes Available

There are countless Skyrim mods available, and one of the most popular subcategories is visual enhancements that let players make the most of current graphical capabilities in the RPG game. Now, one eager modder is trying to convince you of the advantages of 16K dragons. No, not 16k dragons flying about simultaneously (as exciting as that sounds), but rather 16k dragon textures.

“Everyone who is running 4K textures should be utilizing 16K dragon textures,” says modder XilaMonstrr. I hear you ask, “Why?” They clarify that the straightforward explanation is that dragons in Skyrim are enormous. Although it may seem obvious, fighting the dragon up close necessitates graphics with a higher quality in order to account for how near you are to it.

The aforementioned mods are upscaled versions of Bellyache’s original “HD dragon replacer pack” and “new dragon species” mods for Skyrim, which sharpen dragon textures and add a variety of new variations of dragon spawns to the open-world game.

For those of you who are more mathematically inclined, XilaMonstrr breaks down the statistics and explains that dragon texture files are twice as long as they are wide. They state, “I would prefer that you conceive of this as two 8K files adjacent to each other rather than whole 8K. The 16K version has files that are 819216384.”

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Additionally, they warn that if the number of dragon spawning is increased to the point where you are engaged in numerous dragon battles at once, your frame rate may begin to suffer. For gamers to whom this warning applies, lower-resolution texture alternatives have been included. Although XilaMonsterr is certain that this is the absolute least they advise, downscaled versions are also provided if you truly feel you must go lower. Just don’t tell anyone since you don’t want the neighbors to find out.

Links to all of the mods are accessible on the Reddit thread. They are available for both the original Skyrim and the Special Edition. According to XilaMonstrr, if given permission by the original developer, they “will happily clean and upscale any other dragon retextures to 16K” in addition to doing the same for the game’s original dragon models.

Skyrim may not be the game for you if dragons aren’t your thing, but if you still want to play the fantasy game, one Skyrim hack adds huge, striped rat friends. Another allows you to experience rejection virtually, most likely from a spouse who is especially perceptive and knows you’ve been viewing dragons at low resolution.

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