Skull And Bones Release Date Revealed By Ubisoft

Do you like the Skull and Bones Game, we finally got some news about Skull and Bones. The Ubisoft online pirate action game has been delayed for more than 5 years. But on the July 7 reveal event, we come to know about its release date, gameplay footage, multiplayer details, and more.

Skull and Bones is an action-adventure video game being developed by Ubisoft Singapore. The game has been largely missing in action since 2020. In a 2020 update, It has been said that the game had a new version and was aiming for a 2022 release date.

Skull And Bones Everything you should know

Skull and Bones started as a PvP game since it came into a survival game that can be played’s quite a sharp change for Ubisoft’s open-world pirate game. However, we can still play its multiplayer mode in a changed form.

Skull And Bones Gameplay
Skull And Bones Gameplay

Skull and Bones can be played as a single-player, you can also play it with other players and friends. If you accept a contract mission and go out into the world to win that fat route, you can invite another player to join the party and complete the mission. It simplifies the game and you have to split a portion of your income because you realize you’re taking on more enemies and earning more loot than you can hold, but yeah, And keep, sharing with friends doesn’t really mean less in the end.

You can also invite your opponents to play together and turn the 7 seas into PvP arenas. You can be attacked while in the safe waters surrounding the pirate’s hideout, but adventures across borders can be attacked by other players. It won’t get much attention during the mission, but when you return to the harbor with your loot, enemy players can find you and start hunting.
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Skull And Bones Release Date

It’s been a long enough wait, Ubisoft revealed that the Skull and Bones game will come sometime in the next year or so. Therefore, the game will now be released in 2022-23. We also got some leaks that the Skull and Bones game is expected to release on November 8, 2022.

Skull And Bones Trailer

Recently, we got the latest trailer, the trailer shows an unnamed character who decides to try out the pirate life, become stuck on an island, and build their own ship to safely get out of there. It shows various stages and some epic naval combat.

Skull And Bones Platforms

Skull and Bones were only confirmed to release on PS4Xbox One, and PC. Though, it was due for release in 2018. After many delays, and the launch of the new generation of consoles, Skull and Bones are now also coming to the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Frequently asked Questions

Skull and Bones can be played alone.
“You can play Skull and Bones alone, with two other people, or with PvP battles to see who is the most ruthless pirate. Skull and Bones is a live-service game with new content, contracts, and challenges added each season.”

Is Skull and Bones only for multiplayer?
Skull and Bones multiplayer, on either hand, is still available in a modified form. While you can play Skull and Bones entirely alone, you can also share your experience with other players, both friends, and foes.

Is Skull and Bones cooperative?
Skull and Bones is primarily a co-op experience in which you and your friends sail the seas, collecting items and fending off other players and pirate hunters.


As so many people have been saying this game should have been an open-world pirate game that has both land and ship gameplay. Basically Black Flag without the Assassins. I would have loved that they can just have a sword combat system that’s different from the black flag and character customization. I was thinking it would have been cool to have it be an action RPG open-world pirate game where you get a mass effect style choice system and it follows your character going from disgruntled Englishman to legendary pirate captain and your crew would make up your main roster of characters. You could get off your ship whenever you want and customize both ship and character. Oh well, I’ll just replay Black Flag cause I’m not interested in a ship-only pirate game.
Imagine a mature single-player pirate RPG with a huge open world to explore and Black Flag’s design updated. Where you can create your character, start from scratch, through the story get a ship, choose your crew and be a captain. Make choices along the game that can affect the world. Choose to be an honorable or terrifying pirate along your adventure. Ship and land battles. Continue imagining, because this game isn’t it.

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