Sea Of Thieves Season Seven Update Video

The seventh season of Sea of Thieves is about to release in just a few days, and it seems like fans have a lot to look forward to in this installment. Season 7 will bring with it the long-awaited Captaincy update, which will finally allow players to buy and name their very own ships as they take to the seas. While new cosmetics and Plunder Pass items are par for the course at this point, of course, Season 7 will bring with it the long-awaited update. A recent video update provided by Rare demonstrated the incredible quantity of new material that will be added to the game on August 4, the date on which the new season will begin.

The Captaincy upgrade is probably the most appealing aspect of this place. Sloops, brigantines, and galleons are the three types of ships that will be available for purchase, and each player will have the opportunity to purchase one of these vessels and give it their very own, unique, and undoubtedly very well-considered name. However, being a captain entails a lot more than merely referring to your vessel as Boaty McBoatface. Players have the ability to alter their tables, chairs, rugs, and other items within their captain’s cabin by using the outpost customization feature. To spruce up the interior of the ship even further, a brand-new category of items known as Trinkets will also be made available to purchase.

In addition, during Season 7, a brand-new progression system for the game will be introduced and given the name Milestones. Milestones are a sequence of activities and successes related to a wide variety of different parts of the gameplay. For example, you can collect gold through quests and repair your ship to reach a milestone. They are dispersed among five distinct Alignments, each of which is associated with a distinct manner of gameplay. These Alignments range from the money-driven Gold Seeker to the ominous-sounding Feared, and each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Upon reaching certain Milestones, additional ship customization options will become available to you. This can be done in addition to existing methods.

Sovereigns, a new kind of trader who can be found at every trading post, will also be made available when the new season begins. They will only do business with crews who are captained, but they will make it much simpler for you to sell your loot by offering convenient locations and a handy harpoon that you may use to reel in your treasure boxes directly from your deck. There will also be a lot of refinements on a more subdued scale, such as an extension of the products sold by the shipwright and a convenient Captain’s Log that can be used to keep track of a variety of ship information. The seventh season of Sea of Thieves is scheduled to make its debut on August 4th.

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