Satisfactory Update 7 Release Date With Patch Notes Explained Here!

Satisfactory Update 7 Release Date: New information on the free Update 7 content added to Satisfactory by Coffee Stain Studios last week has been made available. The update essentially gives players everything they need to get the most out of the game, but the game is still technically under Early Access on Steam and Epic Games Store.

This time around, you’ll have a lot more say in the manufacturing process, and you’ll be able to earn prizes more efficiently. Here are the patch notes from the developers now that the update is available.

Satisfactory Update 7 Release Date

The release date of Satisfactory’s update 7’s experimental branch is set for November 15, 2022. The developer has stated that it will hit the public early access branch on December 6, 2022. A new structure called the Blueprint Designer lets players create, modify, and save Blueprints for use in their manufacturing facility.

You have complete control over the layout of the Blueprints tab in the build menu and can quickly access any previously created or downloaded Blueprints by dragging them to the Hotbar. The date of release for Version 7.0.0 is November 15, 2022, which is deemed satisfactory.

Update 7 will be available on December 6, 2022, and it is a good one (early access branch) Two new creature game modes allow you to modify the actions of the critters you encounter. You can play the game without taking any active steps by activating the passive ability, which causes all monsters to ignore you even while attacking.

Each individual creature has its own retaliation mechanism, which causes them to wait to attack until they have been attacked first. You’ll have greater say over when you’re forced to deal with combat situations as a result of this.

Although the exponential power cost shift associated with overclocking has been reduced, underclocking is now more expensive than it was before. You can discover patch notes and further information about version 7 on its own Steam page.

We’ll be on the lookout for information about the release date for Satisfactory update 7 and will share that information here as soon as it becomes available.

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Satisfactory Update 7 Patch Notes


The Blueprint Designer

The purpose of this brand-new structure is to serve as a place to create, modify, and store Blueprints that will eventually be used in the manufacturing process. If your design fits inside the Designer’s parameters (4 by 4 Foundations and 8 Walls in height), you can create it as a Blueprint and use it to construct it with a single click.

Building Blueprints

You can arrange the Blueprints in the Blueprints Build Menu Tab however you like after saving them in the designer. You can then pick it up or put it on your Hotbar just like any other structure. Blueprints come with their own set of customization options, including a mode for fine-grained control and another for snapping to neighbouring Blueprints.

Creature Game Modes

Passive and Retaliating

You can now modify your experience with the battle system in Satisfactory by switching between two new modes for Creature antagonism. You can choose the Retaliating mode if you wish to battle but prefer a more flexible schedule.

You can only provoke an attack from a monster if you attack it first, and this operates independently for each individual creature. Now you can engage multiple Hogs or other creatures in quick succession.

In passive mode, no matter how aggressively you pursue an enemy, they will remain unresponsive. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy Satisfactory without any of the gameplay action, Passive mode will do the trick. Select “Advanced Gameplay Settings” from the Escape Menu to modify the Creature’s level of antagonism to your liking.

Satisfactory Update 7 Release Date
Satisfactory Update 7 Release Date

In the future

In general, this is what we have in mind when we talk about giving you control over how you interact with Creatures. In the future, we hope to add more playable game modes to Satisfactory. However, that won’t happen until Update 7 is installed.


Overclocking has been a topic of discussion for a long time, and now we’re really implementing some of the proposed improvements. For those unaware, the Overclocking mechanism allows for the exponential acceleration or deceleration of a building’s power consumption and part production, respectively.

While Overclocking’s core mechanics haven’t altered much, we have reduced the exponential power cost change that comes with increasing the frequency. Because of this, Overclocking is now more cost-effective than ever, while Underclocking is becoming more expensive. But generators are the one and only exception; they Over- and Underclock in a fully linear fashion.

Other content

The list goes on, of course. When pointing towards a wall, ceiling, or floor, the new Conveyor Ceiling Mounts automatically switch between the appropriate constructible. This is applicable to Pipe and Conveyor add-ons.

You can choose to run down the Zipline at high speeds at your own peril. Additionally, we made several tweaks and improvements to the underlying system and squashed a few problems. There’s a lot of great material here.

Satisfactory Gameplay

The player takes on the role of an engineer sent to the planet to oversee the construction of a FICSIT factory complex as part of the “colonisation” effort. As a starting point, the player can choose between the Grasslands, the Rocky Desert, the Dune Desert, and the Northern Forest.

This choice affects the player’s early-game resource availability and the quantity of flat ground that is easily accessible for construction. However, the player is always free to go to any other part of the map. The player must recover the landing pod after touching down in order to gather resources for constructing the Hub, the central location from which all other construction radiates.

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