Satisfactory Update 7 Patch Notes Explained in Brief Details Read Here!

Satisfactory Update 7 Patch Notes: Update 0.7, which is deemed to be successful, is now available for PC users to download (Steam). Satisfactory Update 7 Patch notes for the current version of Satisfactory state that the Blueprint Designer can now be found in Tier 4 and that a new Blueprints tab can be found in the game’s Build Menu.

Previously, update 6 to Satisfactory introduced several enhancements and fixes. Several problems have been reported by players. Some of these problems should be resolved by today’s Satisfactory patch 7.

Satisfactory Update 7 Patch Notes
Satisfactory Update 7 Patch Notes

Satisfactory Update 7 Patch Notes


The Blueprint Designer

In this state-of-the-art facility, you can create, modify, and store Blueprints for use in your manufacturing facility. With the Designer, you can create Blueprints for anything up to 4 by 4 foundations and 8 walls in height with a single click.

Building Blueprints

You can arrange the Blueprints in the Blueprints Build Menu Tab however you like after saving them in the designer.

You may then choose it or add it to your Hotbar just like any other structure. Blueprints have their special modes for construction, one of which is geared toward fine-grained control and another toward snapping with similar Blueprints.

Creature Game Modes

Passive and Retaliating

You can now modify your experience with the battle system in Satisfactory by switching between two new modes for Creature antagonism. To fight, but with greater discretion, choose the Retaliating playstyle.

As a general rule, creatures will not attack you until you initiate combat with them. Thus, you can now engage many Hogs or other creatures in a series of one-on-one battles. Just as the name implies, in passive mode all creatures are unaffected by your attacks.

Passive mode accomplishes your goal of enjoying Satisfactory without being actively involved in the game. In the Escape Menu, go to ‘Advanced Gameplay Settings’ to adjust the Creature aggressiveness to your liking.

In the future

In general, this is what we have in mind when we talk about giving you control over how you interact with Creatures. In the future, we hope to add more playable game modes to Satisfactory. However, that won’t happen until Update 7 is installed.


We’ve already discussed Overclocking extensively, and now we’re implementing some of the proposed improvements. Overclocking, in case you were wondering, is a way to increase a building’s production rate at an exponential power cost, or decrease it at a lower cost.

While the core mechanic of Overclocking hasn’t altered much, we have mitigated the previously exponential increase in power consumption. The cost of Overclocking has decreased while the cost of Underclocking has increased. The only devices that do not follow this rule are generators, which Over- and Underclock in a linear fashion.

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Other Content

There is, of course, more. We now have Conveyor Ceiling Mounts, which automatically transition between applicable constructible according to whether you’re aiming at a flat surface (like a ceiling or floor) or an object (like a wall).

Affixing a Conveyor or Pipe to this will work as expected. For those who are daring and wish to take unnecessary risks, the Zipline offers a sprint mode. We also made some tweaks and improvements to the underlying technology and repaired a few problems. A plethora of wonderful things.


  • Added the Blueprint Designer to Tier 4
  • Added Blueprints tab to the Build Menu


  • Added Conveyor Ceiling Attachment to the Awesome Shop
  • Reworked the Build Effect


  • Added sprinting functionality for the Zipline


  • Added Creature hostility modes that can be set in Advanced Game Settings in the Escape Menu
    • Regular: Creatures attack and investigate players based on vision and hearing
    • Retaliate: Creatures attack players after being attacked themselves
    • Passive: Creatures never attack players
  • Lizard Doggos can now be named in the interact menu after they’ve been tamed


  • Conveyor and Pipe poles now contextually switch between floor, wall, and ceiling attachments based on where the player aims while building
  • Some improvements/fixes for foundation snapping
  • Ladder hologram now works with the “Build in One Click” setting
  • To-Do List should now handle alternate recipe names and multi-product recipes better
  • Added feedback when trying to save color picker presets with the same name as an already existing preset


  • The water requirement of Nuclear Power Plants has been reduced from 300 to 240
  • Alien DNA Capsules can now be sunk in the Awesome Sink, generating Coupons separately from other parts
  • Reduced the energy cost of Overclocking production buildings (including Extractors) to a lower exponent
  • Made overclocking of power generators match the operating rate with the clock speed
  • Reduced vertical foundation snapping grid size from 200 to 100


  • Updated the game credits
  • Implemented double-click functionality for saving and Load Game
  • Build Mode now prioritizes showing missing costs while building
  • Added option to only show missing cost when in Build Mode
  • Added a new submenu called Multiplayer Settings to the Escape Menu and moved Manage Session/Manage Invites there
  • Added a cancel button to the “Add new server” popup in the Server Manager
  • Added a search bar to the multiplayer list in the Join Game menu
  • Added support for hiding some HUD elements. Can be toggled on and off in the options menu
  • Added feedback when trying to save color picker presets with the same name as an already existing preset


  • We’ve optimized things, but they’re secrets


  • Updated all languages with the latest translations
  • Updated language completion rates
  • Updated community translators in the credits

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  • Fixed a throughput issue that occurred during variable frame rates on high-speed Conveyor Belts
  • Fixed Tilted Corner walls not having soft clearance
  • Rewrote Splitter/Merger code to make it better
  • Fixed items not moving when reaching the end of a Conveyor Belt segment
  • Train lights should now update correctly when a train loses power
  • Train lights should now restore properly to the correct location after the derailment
  • Fixed an issue where the rotation would reset after upgrading a buildable
  • Fixed issues related to Lights
  • Fixed issues related to Rain
  • Fixed an issue where icons would show up blank after Holstering equipment that uses fuel
  • Fixed it being too hard to snap to Conveyor Floor Holes
  • Fixed Conveyor Lift hologram rotation resetting for the second segment after snapping to a Floor hole
  • Fixed having to click twice on Foundations, Walls, and Roof Material filters for the Apply Material to Hotbar buildings button to be displayed
  • Fixed Plutonium Waste and Organic Data Capsules being missing from Programmable/Smart Splitters
  • Several smaller fixes have been made in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does satisfactory still get updates?

While the Steam Store page only lists “coming in 2022,” no official date has been announced. The date of May 3 has been joked about like that of Update 6. Sadly, it won’t be out at the beginning of the year. The January 2023 release date has been pushed back.

What did Update 5 add to satisfaction?

Beams, new Walls & [Windows], more Pillars & Frames, and so on; the complete list may be found in the comprehensive patch notes below.

There is a single map that’s 30 square kilometers in size, however, there are several different starting areas. And neither, neither the developers nor the players have any plans to add any new maps. We haven’t seen the end of the game yet. Due to the need for careful attention to detail, a new map is not currently in the works.

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