Samsung Says, Hackers Obtained Customer Data In July 2022

The electronics giant Samsung has confirmed a data breach that exposed personal information about customers.

A brief notification from Samsung explains that the company learned of the security breach at the end of July and that an “unauthorized third party got information from some of Samsung’s U.S. systems.” The organization reported on August 4 that it had discovered a breach involving client information.

While Samsung claims that sensitive information such as credit card numbers and social security numbers were not compromised, the company did admit that names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and product registration data were stolen.

Samsung Says, Hackers Obtained Customer Data In July 2022
Samsung Says, Hackers Obtained Customer Data In July 2022

“The information that may be compromised for each impacted consumer may differ. According to the statement, “we are alerting customers to make them aware of this situation.”

Chris Langlois, a spokesman for Samsung, told TechCrunch in an email sent through the crisis communications agency Edelman that demographic data refers to customer information used for marketing and advertising. Still, he did not elaborate on the types of information that fall under this category.

Customer registration information, which includes the date of purchase, product model, and device ID, is required to give consumers access to support and warranty information, as explained by Langlois.

Although the hack was announced hours before a U.S. vacation weekend commemorating Labor Day, Samsung did not alert customers for more than a month.

Because “we recognize how essential their privacy is,” Langlois said, “we wanted to tell our consumers to make them aware of this situation even while the inquiry is ongoing.”

The company said it had hired a third-party cybersecurity firm, albeit it did not specify which one. Samsung has confirmed it is working with authorities to investigate.

Another data leak has been confirmed by Samsung this year. In March, the corporation admitted that the Lapsus$ hacking organization had breached their systems and stolen over 200 terabytes of confidential material, including the source code for several technologies and algorithms for biometric unlock operations.