Samsung Rumoured to Integrate This New Apple and Huawei Feature With the Galaxy S23 Series

Samsung Rumoured to Integrate This New Apple and Huawei Feature: Apple introduced the Emergency SOS feature on the iPhone 14 series a little over a week ago. Apple iPhone 14 users in the United States and Canada who find themselves in a bind without access to terrestrial resources like a cellular network, Wi-Fi, or a mobile hotspot can turn to the stars for assistance.

That is to say, with the iPhone 14, customers will be able to connect to a satellite that will assist them in sending a message to emergency services or to Apple-trained specialists who will forward the message to the appropriate authorities.

Samsung rumoured add Apple, Huawei feature
Samsung rumoured add Apple, and Huawei feature

The newer Mate 50 series from Huawei is only supported by limited satellite service. Huawei’s satellite service will enable customers to transmit (but not receive) text messages in the event of an emergency, using the China-built Beidou satellite navigation system to circumvent U.S. limitations on GPS.

Access to the system is restricted to individuals who are physically present in mainland China and are not indoors. Apple has entered into an agreement with Globalstar, a satellite communications company. Iridium, a communications company, uses its 66 Low-Earth-Orbiting satellites to provide voice and data connectivity to satellite phones, and now Samsung has a partnership with the company.

Korean news outlet ETNews claims that Iridium and Samsung have reached an agreement and that the forthcoming Galaxy S23 series will include satellite connectivity. According to the source, users of the Galaxy S23 will have the option of using satellite messaging for short messages and low-resolution photographs.

Further, the article reveals that Samsung thinks this function will be popular in a variety of international markets, including the United States, South America, Europe, Russia, and China. The business also anticipates a need for satellite service in places with unreliable cellular coverage.

Samsung had to overcome the difficulty of squeezing a long antenna into a smartphone’s compact form factor, as is the case with most satellite phones. Tips, speculations, and benchmark results indicate that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will likely power the Galaxy S23 line in all regions across the world when the line is announced in January or February.

Samsung is likely to unveil the service before announcing the Galaxy S23 series this year, as Apple and Huawei now hold the upper hand in the smartphone market. Samsung supporters are pumped about more than just the company’s recent foray into satellite communication.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will reportedly include a 200MP picture sensor that is distinct from the ISOCELL HP1 produced by Samsung and featured on the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra and the Xiaomi 12T Pro.

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