RTX 4080 Release Date, Price, and Specifications

Now that the confetti from Nvidia’s GTC 2022 keynote is settling, we can look at what the company has planned for its slightly cheaper Ada Lovelace GPUs. I’m referring to the two competing GeForce RTX 4080(opens in new tab) models, whose names are a bit of a mouthful. We now know when and how much the pair of RTX 4080 GPUs will cost, as well as some details about their specifications and performance.

These are based on Nvidia’s newest Ada Lovelace architecture, like the GeForce RTX 4090. Using TSMC’s N4 production process, which also runs the GPUs in HPC data centers, these cards will significantly improve efficiency and performance compared to their predecessors. Although both have the RTX 4080 moniker, they have significant differences beyond the amount of GDDR6X video memory they provide.

  • RTX 4080 release date: November 2022
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 (16GB) price: $1,199
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 (12GB) price: $899
  • Built on Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace architecture and using TSMC’s N4 process
  • No Founders Edition of the GeForce RTX 4080 (12GB) 

On October 12, the GeForce RTX 4090 will be released, and in November, the two GeForce RTX 4080s will follow. Full specifications and details for each of these GPUs are provided down below.

RTX 4080 Release Date 

There is currently no confirmed release date for the “Coming November” GeForce RTX 4080 (16GB) and GeForce RTX 4080 (12GB) graphics cards. On October 12, when the RTX 4090 becomes available, we should have a more definitive release date for the two RTX 4080s. Nvidia’s website features a notification sign-up form for when the cards become available. It is believed that resellers would provide a service similar to this, which is not technically pre-orders but does allow customers to sign up for notifications when the cards arrive. This makes logical, given the lack of a firm release date. Given the lack of a release date, it is unsurprising that Nvidia has not announced when the review embargo will be lifted for these cards.

RTX 4080 Price 

The price differences between the two RTX 4080s are a sore spot for many customers. Though the GeForce RTX 4090, at the top end, can justify a premium thanks to its status as the company’s flagship GPU, the same is not typically true of the lower-end cards in the 80 series. The base pricing of a GeForce RTX 4080 (16GB) is $1,199. This is $600 higher than the original price of the GeForce RTX 3080 (10GB) graphics card.

RTX 4080 Release Date

This card will also have a limited-edition “Founders Edition” variant, like the RTX 4090. The lowest-priced GeForce RTX 4080 (12GB) can be purchased for $899. However, there is no Founders Edition variant of this card; it will be up to graphics card makers to compete on pricing. We anticipate many more cards to sell for more than this because of their superior cooling systems and enhanced overclocking abilities.

RTX 4080 Performance 

The internal benchmark numbers Nvidia has given for the RTX 4080 to demonstrate its updated architecture are undoubtedly attractive. However, while Nvidia’s “Next Generation” games perform far better on all of the new Ada Lovelace GPUs, the situation is not so bright regarding current titles. Compared to the RTX 3090 Ti, the RTX 4080 (12GB) appears to perform worse in games like Resident Evil Village, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and The Division 2, while the RTX 4080 (16GB) offers only modest improvements.

While Microsoft Flight Simulator and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide benefit from nearly double the frame rate, this isn’t the absolute home run one might expect for the money. The RTX 4090 has severe prominent performance chops, but its position lower in the stack isn’t as clear-cut, so it will be interesting to see how these cards perform in various titles when we finally have them on the test benches.

RTX 4080 Specs 

The two RTX 4080s are based on Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace architecture and provide support for the latest third-generation Ray tracing cores(opens in new tab), fourth-generation Tensor cores, and DLSS 3 technology (opens in new tab). Nvidia’s latest range of graphics cards continues to use the PCIe 4.0 interface and feature support for Resizable BAR, DirectX 12 Ultimate, and the Vulkan RT API. Nvidia will produce Founder Editions of the GeForce RTX 4080 (16GB) but not the GeForce RTX 4080 (12GB), so the $899 cards’ specifications, such as their fan settings and overall sizes, will be left entirely up to the manufacturers.

As I mentioned at the outset, the RTX 4080 (12GB) and the RTX 4080 (16GB) differ more than just the amount of memory they can use. The difference between 9,728 and 7,680 CUDA Cores is significant. The RTX 3080 (10GB) and RTX 3080 (12GB) GPUs from the previous generation have 8,704 and 8,960 cores, respectively, so things have changed dramatically. The GeForce RTX 4080 (12 GB) could have easily been renamed the RTX 4070, and a case could be made for either name.

Nvidia RTX 40-series Specs 

Nvidia RTX 40-series specs
RTX 3080 (10GB) RTX 3080 (12GB) RTX 4080 (12GB) RTX 4080 (16GB)
GPU GA102-200-KD-A1 GA102-220-A1 AD104-400 AD103-300
CUDA Cores 8,704 8,960 7,680 9,728
Base Clock 1,440MHz 1,260MHz 2,310MHz 2,210MHz
Boost Clock 1,710MHz 1,710MHz 2,610MHz 2,510MHz
Memory Bus 320-bit 384-bit 192-bit 256-bit
Memory Speed 19Gbps 19Gbps 21Gbps 23Gbps
Graphics Card Power (W) 320W 350W 285W 320W
Required System power (W) 750W 750W 700W 750W
Launch Price $699 $799 $899 $1,199