The leader of the Islamic mystics of Iran, known as the Sufis, died at the age of 92

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) – Police in Rio de Janeiro have identified one of the people responsible for a gas bomb blast aimed at satirists for a Netflix Christmas program, which some critics have called blasphemous.

Officers searched Tuesday morning and found money, fake firearms, ammunition, a “politico-philosophical” shirt, and computers, the police said in a written statement. The police also had a warrant for the arrest of the suspect, but he remains at large.

Police did not immediately reveal other details, including the name of the suspect, but scheduled a press conference on Tuesday morning.

The attack on Christmas Eve on an empty house for video production did not injure anyone, but was a shock even in a country accustomed to violence. A few days later, a video was shown on social networks in which the three men claimed responsibility for the attack and said they targeted the Brazilian comedic group Porta dos Fundos for their Portuguese-language program.

A short film from the comedy group The First Temptation of Christ shows Jesus returning home on his 30th birthday and hints that he is gay. Religious groups bristled in the image. The filmmakers defended it as legal freedom of expression.

As previously reported by the police, at least four people participated in the attack.