Ride the Bus Drinking Game: Learn How to Play the Classic Party Game

You can think of fifty words that rhyme with “door,” you know everything your pals have never done, and you can name more vegetables than you’ve ever eaten. You’ve officially reached peak King’s Cup. Fortunately, the classic Ring of Fire isn’t the only card game that can double as a drinking game when played with a large company.

To Participate, Use the Bus. Although the rules appear daunting at first glance, the game is quite simple once you get the hang of it. All the rules for the Ride the Bus alcoholic beverage consumption competition are listed below.

Ride the Bus Drinking Game
                                                                 Ride the Bus Drinking Game

Phase One: Dealing with the Cards

Round One:

One person takes on the role of dealer. After shuffling the cards, the dealer will start at the left and ask the first player, “Red or black?” If the player correctly predicts whether the card is red or black, nothing happens, but if they are incorrect, they must take a drink. Once one person has a card, the play moves to the next person until everyone has a card.

Round Two:

Dealer: “Higher or lower?” It’s up to the player to say whether they think the next card they’ll be dealt is higher or lower than the first one they got, with the Ace being the highest. Incorrect answer? Drink. When everyone in the circle has two cards, the game ends. If the cards are identical, the dealer returns the card to the deck and draws a new one.

Round Three:

The dealer next asks, “In-between or outside?” as in the previous two rounds. However, it refers to whether the upcoming card’s value will be inside or outside the range established by the two preceding cards. If your first two cards are a four and a 9, the five is “inside,” and the Q is “outside.” When this happens, the dealer shuffles the deck and draws a new card from the top.

Round Four:

A player has a one-in-four chance of avoiding a drink if the dealer asks them to choose a suit for the last dealing round. The participant drinks if their guess is incorrect. If they are correct in their guess, they receive five drinks to give out to the other players. They can give each of their opponents one drink or pour all five drinks into the same person’s glass.

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Ride the Bus Drinking Game
                                                                Ride the Bus Drinking Game

Phase Two: Building the Pyramid

Each player keeps their four hand-dealt cards secret. Next, the dealer arranges the cards face down into a pyramid, starting with five at the bottom, four in the next row, and so on, until only one card remains at the top. Each card on the bottom row represents one drink, the four in the middle mean two drinks, and the Ace represents five drinks (or one shot of whiskey, if you’re feeling very generous).

One card in a row is flipped face-up, beginning with the bottom card. If more than one player holds a matching card, the player who lays down their card first gets to “punish” the other players in the row with the corresponding number of drinks. The player can distribute the earned beverages however they see fit, including laying down multiple cards in a single row or even on the same card. The game moves up the pyramid from there.

Let’s say a player has a four in their hand, and the dealer reveals a four on the second row of the pyramid. They bet four, receiving two drinks for themselves or anyone else in the group.

To try and match their cards to a higher value in the pyramid, players can keep them for later use. Yet, this is a dangerous strategy, as holding the most cards at the end of Phase Two forces you to take the bus.

Phase Three: Riding the Bus

Players compare the number of cards still in their hands after the pyramid cards have been flipped over and all drinks have been given out. They should, ideally, have eliminated them. It’s more likely that they still have cards to use. In this game, whoever has the most cards must take public transportation.

Note-If two or more players have the same number of cards, the player holding the highest-value card must take the bus. When the top cards are tied, the person with the lower card is the loser.

Ten cards are dealt face down by the dealer. The dealer turns over the cards one at a time. If the up card is a number, the dealer moves on to the next card in the deck. If the player on the bus is dealt a face card or an ace, they must take a drink for every point on the card.

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