Restaurant of the month: Soul Street

A fresh new concept or just another street food restaurant in Dubai?

FIVE JVC, sister hotel of FIVE Palm Jumeirah, was recently opened in the Jumeirah Village Circle in Dubai.

One of these new restaurants is Soul Street, the hotel’s meeting point, serving authentic street food from around the world. But does it deliver?

The large, round restaurant is well suited to this topic and takes you on a visit around the world, past rickshaws in the India section and a large cherry blossom tree in the Asia section.

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The menu is huge – needless to justify – but our waiter suggests that we choose a few hot or cold dishes from each destination. They are offered in small portions, making them ideal for sharing the way street food should be.

Whatever you want, Soul Street has it in abundance, from classic Latin bites like tacos (Dhs70 for three) and quesadillas (Dhs60) to a fresh Asian grapefruit salad (Dhs35) with a side dish of chicken satay Skewers (Dhs45).

It’s all fun, quick and easy dishes. Like us, you can indulge yourself with Indian flavors, with a delicious, salted rice (Dhs45), a real menu highlight, with prawns that are well prepared and bursting with taste.

While Soul Street fairly brings together the right elements and flavors from street vendors around the world, there is still a lot to do before it mimics the real goings-on in the street markets.

Soul Street, FIVE Jumeirah Village, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai, Saturday to Thursday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., Friday from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Tel.: (04) 428 9989.

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