Armed and Dangerous: Fan Uncovers Weakness in Chris and Sheva’s Weaponry in Resident Evil 5!

Resident Evil 5: Capcom developed and released the third-person shooter Resident Evil 5 in 2016. Important in the Resident Evil series, it was announced in 2005, the same year as its predecessor, Resident Evil 4.

In March 2009, Resident Evil 5 was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, and in September 2009, it was released for Windows PC.

The plot follows agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance as they travel to the fictitious West African region of Kijuju to look into a possible terrorist threat. Chris discovers that he must face his past in the form of Albert Wesker, an old enemy, and Jill Valentine, a former partner.

Even though Resident Evil 5’s gameplay is similar to that of its predecessors, it is the first game in the series to support cooperative play between two players. It’s also been said that it’s the first main series game to move away from survival horror and more closely resemble an action game.

It was the first video game to use a virtual camera system for the cutscenes and featured motion capture. A number of original Resident Evil developers contributed to Resident Evil 5. The company Mercenary Technology created the PC version.

Even though the game’s control scheme was criticized, Resident Evil 5 was generally well-received. The British Board of Film Classification looked into the allegations of racism against the game and came to the conclusion that they were without merit.

The remake of Resident Evil 5 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was released in June 2016. Over 8 million copies of the original release have been sold as of October 2021. The game’s total sales reached 12.6 million after the release of a special edition and subsequent releases on other platforms.

The original Resident Evil game was the best-selling Capcom release up until March of 2018 when Monster Hunter: World took the crown. In 2012, the follow-up Resident Evil 6 was released.

Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 Fan Notes Issue With Chris and Sheva’s Arsenal at Game Start

Fans of Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 have taken to the internet to express their opinions on the game’s protagonists, Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, and the bare essentials they are given at the start of the game.

One could assume that Chris and Sheva, as members of a formidable organization like the BSAA featured in Resident Evil, would be provided with the finest weapons and armor the BSAA has to offer.

Despite the lack of news regarding future installments in the Resident Evil franchise after the release of Resident Evil Village, the fan base for the games continues to be quite active and involved in the internet community.

Many fans appear to take pleasure in expressing their creativity by making fan art or replicas of weaponry from the Resident Evil series.

Similarly, some people get a kick out of talking about lore or speculating on fan theories. Fans like this one are able to connect with others who share their passions and learn from and discuss their findings.

Resident Evil 5 has a variety of weapons and gadgets, some of which was posted on Reddit by user CrimsonClockwork20.

They wrote that they “found it silly” that the rest of the BSAA or in-game militia are given heavy-duty weaponry like assault rifles while the protagonists are left with minimal kits like holsters, handguns, and a knife.

Naturally, the programmers intended for this to occur, as they want gamers to keep playing so they can upgrade the protagonists’ equipment.

A lengthy conversation ensued after CrimsonClockwork20’s tweet, with some fans recalling that in Resident Evil 4, Leon Kennedy was given a revolver and sent to rescue Ashley Graham.

Other fans chimed in, saying that Leon was probably just dispatched to the scene of the kidnapping to learn the details and not to add to the chaos already present there.

Others have pointed out that the same logic applies to Chris and Sheva in Resident Evil 5, who were tasked with merely scouting the area and not running a full-scale military operation.

It’s fascinating to see how much interest RE 5 still has after all these years. Fans will likely continue to play the original or its ports on other gaming platforms given the lack of official news about a Resident Evil 5 remake from Capcom.

I’m crossing my fingers that Capcom plans to include the third-person shooter game in its future remasters. It’s been announced that Resident Evil 5 will be released for PC, PS4, PS3, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Resident Evil 4: Wesker’s Rumored Appearance Could Support Resident Evil 5 Remake

Many gamers were conflicted by Capcom’s announcement that it will remake Resident Evil 4. While some players are reluctant to let go of the classic, others are enthused by the new path that Capcom is taking with their modern remakes of the Resident Evil series.

The gameplay demos for the Resident Evil 4 remake have, thankfully, put to rest any fears that it wouldn’t be a true adaptation of the original. While new gameplay elements have been introduced to replace quick-time events (QTEs), the remake appears to have kept the same feel as the original.

New information suggests that this fidelity also applies to the island chapter from the original Resident Evil 4. As with the rest of the remake, though, its substance may be altered or improved in ways that fans don’t anticipate.

Since then, a casting list has surfaced online, suggesting that Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker will have a role in the remake. If this rumor about the Resident Evil 4 remake’s antagonist is true, it may mean that a much-loved gameplay option is making a return, as well as that other, much-delayed remakes, are in the works.

Wesker’s Possible Appearance in Resident Evil 4 Could Mean Two Things

For starters, if the alleged casting is true, it indicates that the Mercenaries mode from the original game would be included in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Although it has not been confirmed as of yet, it is entirely possible that Mercenaries will be included in the Resident Evil 4 remake at some point before the game’s release.

With Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, Jack Krauser, HUNK, and Albert Wesker all playable in the original Resident Evil 4’s Mercenaries mode and Resident Evil Village also featuring its own Mercenaries mode, it stands to reason that the Resident Evil 4 remake would also contain its own.

However, if the report about the casting turns out to be false, the likelihood of a Mercenaries mode would remain unaffected. The remake may or may not include a Mercenaries mode, and if it does, it may or may not simply remove Wesker from the mode.

Wesker’s possible update for PS5 fidelity in the remake is intriguing, but it may also be an indication that a remake of Resident Evil 5 is in the works. Since Resident Evil 2, Capcom has remade every numbered, mainline installment in the series, so it stands to reason that RE5 will be next.

The inclusion of Wesker, the main antagonist from Resident Evil 5, in the remake of Resident Evil 4 might be taken as a sign that the franchise will go on to Resident Evil 5.

Ironically, this brief speculation about Albert Wesker’s involvement in the Resident Evil 4 remake surfaced not long after the release of cease-and-desist letters from Capcom regarding an unauthorized fan remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

There is speculation that this was done in anticipation of Capcom’s announcement of a Resident Evil Code: Veronica remake. Since the original game came out before Resident Evil 4, this would be a bit of a jump in the timeline, but Capcom’s remakes aren’t always faithful to the original releases.

It is a legitimate notion for fans to hold to, and if the casting of a reinvented Albert Wesker is accurate, then that could potentially be wonderful news for fans of both Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

The possibility that Wesker’s appearance could mean nothing at all aside from the fact that remakes of both or either of these games would be awesome is, of course, worth mentioning.

As an example, in the remade Resident Evil 2, Claire was updated to look more modern, but there has been no word on whether or not the same treatment will be given to Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Resident Evil 4 is slated to arrive on March 24 for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Resident Evil 5 canon?

It has been confirmed by the showrunner, Andrew Dabb, that the events of the Resident Evil video games are canon to the Netflix series, with references to key events sprinkled throughout the first season's eight episodes.

How scary is Resident Evil 5?

Metacritic score of 86 on PC shows that Resident Evil 5 is not a terrible game. The game isn't particularly scary, but there are some tense moments, such as when you have to cross a river full of crocodiles in Chapter 3-1.

Is Resident Evil 5 getting a remake?

In 2025, we should hear news of the remake's release date for Resident Evil 5. Keep in mind that there has been no confirmed confirmation of a Resident Evil 5 remake. The year 2025 was chosen as the announcement date because it is roughly in the ballpark of typical project durations.

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