Redfall: Get Ready to Take on a New World on Xbox Insider Teases Release Date!

Redfall: Redfall, the upcoming massive game from Arkane Studios, has been teased about being released sometime in 2023 by the source of a reliable leak. Because the Austin-based studio has been mum on a specific release date for Redfall, some fans are now turning to unofficial channels for clues.

At E3 2021, the open-world vampire shooter Redfall was announced with a trailer showing off some of the game’s gameplay. Redfall and Starfield’s release dates were pushed back into 2023, but the announcement trailer only gave a vague window of 2022.

Xbox Insider Teases Release Date
Xbox Insider Teases Release Date

Many of today’s more ambitious titles have been delayed, which seems to be the new normal. On ResetEra, a user by the handle of Klobrille responded to a claim that the game wouldn’t be out until the fall of 2023 by saying they “May” disagree.

The answer is evasive, so take it with a grain of salt, but it seems to suggest that the game will be out in May 2023. Our limited knowledge of Redfall and Starfield seems to lend credence to what may be a cryptic clue. In addition, another source has said that May is the planned release month for Redfall.

Starfield, one of the year’s most anticipated games, is expected to release in the “first half” of 2023. Redfall‘s release before starfields is confirmed by a Microsoft employee, so that month is certainly possible, but until Microsoft confirms the actual dates, there is no way to know for sure. Any of these games could be postponed again, and fans should prepare themselves accordingly.

While it’s true that leaks and rumors are frequently incorrect or poorly informed guesses, it’s not like legitimately helpful details have never made their way into the public domain before in the gaming industry.

Klobrille and other well-known insiders in the industry have built a solid reputation for teasing accurate information while still allowing their fans and followers to piece together the clues. Now that a new year has begun, news to the fans shouldn’t be too far off.

Based on the findings of a recent datamine, it appears that a beta test for Redfall will be available before the game’s official release. Expect Redfall to hit PC and Xbox Series X/S consoles in 2023.

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