New PS5 Slim Console Update Arrived Unexpectedly

PS5 Slim: Just last week, I predicted that Sony would unveil a new PS5 platform within the next year. Now, a reliable gaming insider has confirmed that the device is now “in people’s hands” and, more excitingly, “it works wonderfully.”

Tom Henderson, a well-respected insider in the gaming industry, recently tweeted: “As a quick update, I’ve heard from two separate sources that the PlayStation 5 test kit is out in the wild and reportedly “functions wonderfully.”

This is in reference to the console’s removable disc drive. It’s likely that we’ll get an official update shortly.” The fact that actual hardware is in the developer’s hands lends even more credence to the rumours that this is the ‘PS5 Slim’ console mentioned by reputable North American news site Forbes back in November, as well as The Leak.

That’s not the most interesting part, though; the fact that Henderson says “we should hear more about it officially shortly” suggests to me that we should expect a teaser reveal early next year, perhaps in tandem with the launch of PSVR 2 in February.

Considering that the PS5 will have a removable disc drive, what might that new, streamlined console look like? Well, as T3 previously reported, our finest glimpse yet is provided by a sleek concept design video. In its entirety, the video is included below for your viewing pleasure.

PS5 Slim
PS5 Slim

The T3 Take: A PS5 Slim is Obviously Incoming in 2023, but is a PS5 Pro?

The news that a PS5 development unit already exists is exciting but not unexpected. I’ve mentioned before that Sony‘s habit of releasing new console hardware in the third year of a console generation is something I’ve written about many times; with the release of the PS5 in 2020, the third year, 2023, will represent the midpoint of the current generation of consoles.

This new PS5 console with a detachable disc drive will almost certainly be the much-rumoured “PS5 Slim,” though current thinking is that Sony won’t actually call the console “Slim,” which will likely launch in September of the third year of the console generation, following the PS4 Slim and PS3 Slim, and will directly replace the original PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition.

Of course, nothing has been verified just yet, but it seems likely that the new PS5 will cost less than the regular PS5 because it will ship without an optical disc drive by default and buyers can add one later if they so choose.

The console could either be supplied in a variant that includes an optical disc drive, or the driver could be included in the base model. The existing PS5 system will be discontinued and replaced by this new console in late 2023.

This new console will be smaller and more compact in design than the original PS5, and it will also likely be more efficient and operate quieter (based on past Slim console upgrades). The most pressing issue for me, though, is whether or not a PS5 Pro system will be released in 2019.

Sony released the original PS4 in the fall of the second year of the PS4 generation, and then the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro in the fall of the third year. There haven’t been many leaks or rumours about what a PS5 Pro might have in store, but the possibility of it having two graphics processing units (GPUs) has been floated, and tech firm TCL has speculated on the console’s potential power.

As the proud owner of a disc-based PS5, I personally see no reason to shell out the additional cash for a PS5 Slim. But what if I told you that there was a PS5 Pro console that was even more powerful than the Xbox Series X and was therefore the most powerful platform in the world? That’s a completely different issue. Sony could have my cash before The Flash finished his coffee.

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