PS4 Players Defeat PlayStation Reacts to Controversial Decision

PS4 Players Defeat PlayStation: After a contentious move by PlayStation this week, many PS4 owners are unhappy at the moment. The PS5 has now been out for over three years as we near the year 2023. Many people predicted that support for the PS4 would be extremely limited at this stage, but this hasn’t been the case.

PS4 owners can look forward to a steady stream of releases, including a plethora of titles from the PlayStation library. A prime example is the recent PS4 and PS5 launch of God of War: Ragnarok. Meanwhile, Horizon: Forbidden West performed the same thing earlier this year. The latter point is where things get contentious.

PS4 Players Defeat PlayStation
PS4 Players Defeat PlayStation

The Burning Shores add-on for Horizon: Forbidden West will be released on April 9 of 2023. The expansion will only be available on PS5, in contrast to the basic game’s dual PS4/PS5 release earlier this year.

Why? Guerilla Games doesn’t give too much away, but in a statement, they claim they “made the difficult decision to focus all [their] efforts on delivering a great experience exclusively for the PlayStation 5 system.”

This is because the game’s “grand vision” requires them to do so. Many PlayStation enthusiasts, predictably, are not happy with the news or the rationale. People, who say Burning Shores on PS5 is ‘how it should be must be kidding, right? To be fair, if the MAIN GAME was exclusive to PS5, I’d be fine with that.

One Twitter user reacted negatively to the announcement, writing, “But you can also play Horizon Forbidden West on PS4, therefore the option of making the DLC a PS5 exclusive is just wrong.” There’s something seriously wrong here, wtf?

Another Twitter user says, “Horizon Forbidden West is my personal Game of the Year.” “It’s unfortunate to see that the Burning Shores downloadable content will only be available on PS5, even though the base game was compatible with both PS4 and PS5.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a PlayStation 5. An excellent business decision to keep individuals who only own one platform from accessing the DLC. It’s quite unlikely that the downloadable content won’t function on a PS4. Indeed, it’s highly likely to be able to.

After weighing the PS4 sales numbers against the DLC’s development costs, PlayStation and Guerrilla Games likely decided that porting the game over wasn’t worth the effort. With that in mind, and as usual, we welcome your feedback in the form of a remark. Do you think Sony made the correct choice here?

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