PS Plus Free Games Breaking With Years of Traditions in March 2023

The free games for PlayStation Plus in March 2023 are a departure from the service’s norm, which has been established over many years.

The recent State of Play had its highs and lows, but few predicted Sony would announce the March 2023 PS Plus games so soon. Sony revealed the new games that would be included in the standard PS Plus membership and confirmed a small number of titles for PS Plus Extra and Premium.

The verdict on the latter is yet out, but the free PS Plus games for February 2023 are light years ahead regarding the Essential tier. Given the “huge March” pattern that PS Plus usually follows, this comes as a shock. In case you were wondering, March is when many of the year’s most anticipated video games are released.

PS Plus Free Games
PS Plus Free Games

Bloodborne, the Ratchet & Clank reboot from 2016, The Witness, Shadow of the Colossus, and the Final Fantasy 7 remake are just a few of the games that have been released in recent years. That’s a long history to follow, but it appears that Sony is finally breaking with the past this year.

Sony’s March 2023 Free PS Plus Games Will Be Less Than in Previous Years

When comparing any of the new PS Plus games to those released in March of previous years, PS Plus members will come out on the losing end. The release of Battlefield 2042 has been met with much debate.

Though it has supposedly improved, some may give it another shot here, but it still can’t hold a candle to the other March releases. Although both Code Vein and Minecraft: Dungeons are good games in their own right, they cannot compete with the likes of Bloodborne, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, or similar titles.

Still, February’s titles are on par with some of March’s releases, which is saying something. While Destiny 2: Beyond Light is both current and timeless in its appeal, Evil Dead at least has the benefit of hindsight, 2022’s OlliOlli World received rave reviews and the Mafia: Definitive Edition audience is massive.

One thing is sure: the March pattern may be over, as this year’s February picks are more in line with what some fans may have predicted for March. Maybe next year, it’ll be February instead of March, or maybe there will be so many changes to PS Plus that March’s prior releases will stay in the past.

PS Plus Free Games
PS Plus Free Games

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Although this year’s full PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games have yet to be revealed, the entire month may be stronger than the Essential tier would indicate. Ghostwire: Tokyo, Immortals Fenix Rising, Rainbow Six: Extraction, Tchia’s launch day release, and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection are just some games that have been confirmed for both PS Plus Extra and Premium.

The lineup is strong so far. It hasn’t caught up to the likes of Bloodborne, but then again, that’s a tall order. No matter what, it should be a good month, but if we compare the Essential tier to previous years, we can see that February’s PS Plus games are superior to March’s. Monthly PS Plus subscribers can download a small selection of titles.

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