Police Simulator: Patrol Officers: Is It Great Concept or Not?

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers: No matter what you name them, the police (or po-po, po-po, five-o, etc.) tend to bring people together. Whether you support them or not, they are there to keep the peace and keep you safe. One rotten apple, though, can spoil the bunch for everyone else.

If you were put in their position, what would you do to ensure the public's safety? How about you? Are you going to follow the rules like a good copper, or would you rather break the law and be a badass renegade? As the newest recruit in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, you have that choice and many others at your disposal.

This is a simulation game that was made by Aesir Interactive and released by Astragon Entertainment GmbH. In addition, it can be played independently or with a partner in person or online. Because of this, the action might be tense as you all carry out your duties or work together to apprehend every lawbreaker.

Performing my routine tasks brought unintentional yet frequent giggles. I had a good chuckle at the absurd reactions of all the NPCs and the satisfying feeling of accomplishment after issuing tickets for improperly parked autos. However, the more responsible gamers will get down to business and tidy up the neighborhood without any nonsense.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers: Plot

The developer's focus does not appear to be on narrative, which is a shame. The protagonist is a new recruit who is thrust into the thick of things right away. But they aren't expected to do anything like stop a drug ring or crack down on gun crime.

Actually, their first order of business is to issue tickets for unauthorized parking. Absolutely, your first job duty will be to direct traffic. So, you'll look for wrecks and report drivers with expired licenses, broken parking meters, or illegal parking. In essence, you're an irritating jobsworth who's been tasked with cracking down on those awful traffic violations that negatively impact everyone.

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Thankfully, the newest addition to the Brighton PD is already on to greater things. Each of the three areas will be unlocked, and you'll receive duty badges as a reward. Moreover, you'll be able to use a police car after unlocking it, conduct speed checks, investigate crimes, issue tickets to litterbugs, and seize lethal weapons.

In addition, you'll be helping out at accident scenes and making arrests of drug traffickers and vandals. When deciding who to arrest and how to proceed, there is a lot to see and do.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers: Good Cop And Bad Cop 

Every aspect of your experience as a Police Officer in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is up to you because you know that freedom is the key to success in life. This means that if someone abuses the law, you can either warn them, fine them or even put them in jail.

Although there are times when the decision isn't cut and dry because of how murky the water is. You need to utilize your police laptop and your instincts to spot indicators of substance misuse. That's why it's important to take action if you suspect wrongdoing.

The bad news is that you can never win them all, and when things go wrong, it's your reputation that suffers. Therefore, there is a finite window of error for each shift. If you make too many, your employer might dismiss you. So, what resources do you now have at your disposal?

So, if you ask for proof of identity or insurance from anyone in a car, you'd better get it. You may verify their citizenship status with this in hand and find out if they are being honest about their citizenship status or trying to pull a fast one on you. You can also look them up in the police database and learn more about their past.

Therefore, there is reasonable suspicion to search them for illegal substances or lethal weapons if their criminal record is as long as your arm. But if you mess up, you'll have to deal with the repercussions. This primary mechanic persists across all shifts in this otherwise simplistic game.

You will get closer to being fired if you issue a ticket or tow a car for the wrong reason. Also, your superiors won't be happy if you report someone for speeding, causing an accident, or acting like a jerk in any way. 

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers: Great concept, but poor delivery.

To say that I enjoyed the central concept of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers would be an understatement. Unfortunately, the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. There are always bugs, crashes, and graphical issues, no matter what you're trying to accomplish.

Even worse, your backup request is frequently delayed due to heavy traffic, the culprit never does as he or she is told, and I won't even begin to describe the condition of any RTC. Unfortunately, the game-breaking bugs often mar the experience.

Whether you're competing against the computer or another human being, you'll always be frustrated by your inability to fulfill a given objective. While I understand that these issues will eventually be fixed, they do spoil an otherwise positive impression I had.

Developers can't deny the significance of the issues they're facing or claim they have no bearing on the final result. Therefore, if nothing is done to fix the problems, the game will be a flop and will not receive the support it needs.

Police Simulation: The Patrol Officers looked good.

Despite the fact that Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is not next-gen, it is nevertheless aesthetically pleasing. I've complained about its quirks and issues, but the city as a whole and its many neighborhoods are well-built. As an added bonus, the cars feature a respectable level of detail, and the cast of playable characters is both unique and engaging.

As an added bonus, I enjoyed the realistic traffic setup, user-friendly database interface, and smooth operation of the site's various navigational features. The lip sync and cutscenes aren't great, but they'll make you chuckle, so that's good.

The acting in the cutscenes is terrible. It doesn't matter, though, since the wooden delivery will have you in fits of laughter. Moreover, a variety of sound effects that are surprisingly authentic are included. The police sirens are pinpoint and precise, and they are quite loud. Moreover, the engine noises are impressive, and the ambient noises really bring the scenario to life.

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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers: Surprisingly good controls.

I really appreciated how quickly I could get into it. It was also simple and delightful to welcome a new person into your life. You'll be writing fines, scanning for speeding vehicles, and arresting drug lords in no time at all thanks to the intuitive radial menus and carefully planned button structure.

The only real gripe I had was with how rigid the driving mechanisms felt. It's unrealistic that the cars just roll and lurch around every turn. Accordingly, it was disheartening to find that operating the vehicle was more trouble than it was worth.

Longevity and replayability are high because of the game's robust multiplayer features and expansive setting. You can stop any crime you want, by the way.

However, I would have appreciated a bit more depth in terms of the story's origin. You get paid at the beginning of each shift, but this never seems to add up. It would have been more enjoyable to put your hard-earned money to use in the world outside work. But they are minor issues compared to the game's many engaging challenges.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers: need some ironing out.

Incredibly enjoyable on so many levels, this book has it all. Nonetheless, flaws in the software constitute a major issue. Despite its numerous redeeming qualities, the problems it faces utterly nullify them. Therefore, it is really important to me that the devs fix these faults and further polish their excellent game.

If you can overlook a few nagging issues, you'll have a fantastic day with everything available. That's why, despite its drawbacks, I'm still going to urge you to get it. Can you help clean up Brighton's streets? Get in your automobile and go around fining lawbreakers so that people remember that criminal activity is not lucrative.