Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order: Level Order of All Paths

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order: It’s easy to get lost in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the first open-world game in the series. This guide will assist players to navigate the world of Paldea by outlining the best path to pursue as they take on the various obstacles presented by the game’s Gyms, Titans, and Star Street.

Classic Pokemon games follow a fairly linear progression as the player battles their way from one gym to the next while being interrupted at regular intervals by the game’s villains. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, however, are not the same.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can choose from three unique narratives set in the game’s expansive globe. Despite the lack of level scaling, players are free to advance through these narratives in whatever sequence they like. A player can immediately challenge the Glaseado Mountain gym with a Pokemon of level 40 or higher.

In any case, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a more classic Pokemon adventure, complete with gyms and progressively more difficult obstacles. This guide will teach you the best sequence to complete the gyms in Scarlet and Violet, as well as the Path of Legends and Operation Star Street.

Be sure you check out the Paldean Pokedex, the Gen 9 type chart, and the list of all missing Pokemon that aren’t in Scarlet and Violet to ensure you get ’em all.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet level order: Gyms, Titan & Team Star

Challenges in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be accomplished in any sequence, regardless of which of the three narratives you choose to follow. Among these plots are:

  • Victory Road (Gym battles)
  • Path of Legends (Titan Pokemon)
  • Operation Star Street (Team Star battles)

Here is the correct level order for Gyms and other challenges in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, as well as where each one is located on the Paldea map:

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order

We’ve laid out the best progression sequence for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet below.

Bug Gym Leader Katy – Cortondo

Travelling trainers should begin their adventure in Paldea at Cortondo, the city that is home to the Bug-type gym leader Katy. As a result of their low level and type disadvantage, this gym is a bit of a pushover. Katy’s Team:

Nymph Bug 14
Tarountula Bug 14
Teddiursa Bug (Tera-type) 15

Klawf Titan – South Province (Area Three)

The Crab Titan Pokemon, Klawf, is up next to show players the ropes of Titan battles throughout the rest of the story. Again, this minor encounter isn’t particularly noteworthy.

Klawf Rock 16

Grass Gym Leader Brassius – Artazon

The gym leader of Artazon, like many others, exposes his Pokemon to a wide variety of vulnerabilities; it doesn’t help that his Pokemon are only somewhat more powerful than those of Gym 1.

Petilil Grass 16
Smoliv Grass / Normal 16
Sudowoodo Grass (Tera-type) 17

Bombirdier Titan – West Province (Area One)

If players aren’t paying attention to their Pokemon’s levels or type pairings, battles will get difficult around Bombirdier. Likewise, it’s simple to find early on if players stray off the main path.

Bombirdier Flying / Dark 19

Team Star leader Giacomo – West Province (Area One)

Following the path from the Bombirdier Titan to Cascarrafa, players will come across the rookie Team Star base. Team Star’s Dark-type leader Giacomo rules over this faction, and their preferred methods of combat are outlined here.

Pawniard Dark 21
Revavaroom Dark 20

Electric Gym Leader Iono – Levincia

As the next gym leader on Scarlet and Violet’s list, Iono is a high-energy streamer who also happens to be a gym leader. Her Electric-type Pokemon might not be as powerful as she is, but any trainer who shows up unprepared could quickly regret it.

Wattrel Electric / Flying 23
Luxio Electric 23
Bellibolt Electric 23
Mismagius Electric (Tera-type) 24

Team Star leader Mela – East Province (Area One)

The leader of Team Star is a Fire type, making them another trainer vulnerable due to their kind. Despite her high level, this trainer is quite vulnerable to Water-type attacks.

Torkoal Fire 27
Revavroom Fire 26

Orthworm Titan – East Province (Area Three)

Depending on the character you choose as your first opponent, this Titan fight may not be very exciting. This titan is easily defeated by any Fuecoco evolution, regardless of its level, due to its weakness in fire-type attacks. This is a minor upgrade for the Legendary bike, but completing it unlocks a much larger one.

Orthworm Steel 28

Water Gym Leader Kofu – Cascarrafa

When unprepared, trainers risk getting harmed by the Water-type gym leader in Cascarrafa. Even without the Tera-type shift, Veluza is enough to create trouble on its own, but Kofu’s ace, Crabominable, is an incredible powerhouse.

Veluza Water / Psychic 29
Wugtrio Water 29
Crabominable Water (Tera-type) 30

Team Star Leader Atticus – Tagtree Thicket

Atticus is a formidable foe mainly due to his ability to set Poison. This can quickly whittle away a Pokemon’s health if the battle is too long, so players will want to be ready to deal with his Poison-type setup.

Skuntank Poison / Dark 32
Muk Poison 32
Revavroom Steel/Poison 33
Revavroom Poison 32

Normal Gym Leader Larry – Medali

Larry, a low-key Normal-type user, leads the Medali gym. Don’t bother bringing any Ghost-type Pokemon to this fight; instead, prepare a wide array of Fighting-type moves so that Larry’s Pokemon can be easily defeated, regardless of its strength.

Komala Normal 35
Dudunsparce Normal 35
Staraptor Normal (Tera-type) 36

Ghost Gym Leader Ryme – Montenevera

To get to the town of Montenevera, where the next gym is located, trainers will have to travel deep into Glaseado Mountain. Ryme is waiting for trainers to challenge her Pokemon or her lyrical skills. Fortunately, Ghost characters, both new and old, abound in Paldea and can help level the playing field.

Mimikyu Ghost / Fairy 41
Banette Ghost 41
Houndstone Ghost 41
Toxtricity (Low Key Form) Ghost (Tera-type) 42

Future/Past Donphan Titan – Asado Dessert

This location introduces players to their first Paradox Pokemon, a Titan. Fighting Future Donphan, also known as Iron Treads, is a feature of the Pokemon Violet game. As for the Scarlet team, they’ll be going up against Great Tusk, called Ancient Donphan.

Iron Treads Ground / Steel 44
Great Tusk Ground / Fighting 44

Keep in mind that Tulips is a more challenging gym leader in Scarlet & Violet, and fight her in the order we’ve suggested.

Psychic Gym Leader Tulip – Alfornada

You can find your way to Alford early in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but you won’t want to challenge Tulip until much later. Even with a strong team, it is difficult to defeat her Psychic-type Pokemon.

Farigirag Normal / Psychic 44
Gardevoir Psychic / Fairy 44
Espanha Psychic 44
Florges Psychic (Tera-type) 45

Ice Gym Leader Grush – Glaseado

To challenge Grusha, the final gym leader, players must once more ascend Glaseado Mountain. They make sense as the last challengers before the elite four, with a team of potent Ice-type Pokemon.

Frosmoth Ice/Bug 47
Beartic Ice 47
Cetitan Ice 47
Altaria Ice (Tera-type) 48

Team Star Leader Ortega – North Province (Area Three)

Players can find Team Star’s Fairy-type leader, Ortega, in his camp as the snow melts in Paldea’s far north. He’s not the toughest trainer around, but a group of level 50+ Pokemon isn’t easy to beat.

Azumarill Water/Fairy 50
Wigglytuff Normal/Fairy 50
Dachshund Fairy 51
Revavaroom Fairy 50

Dondozo & Tatsugiri Titans – Casseroya Lake

This formidable duo represents the second-to-last obstacle on all three of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s primary paths and the final obstacle on the Path of Legends. Given the nature of this conflict, the trainer will be rewarded with the final Legendary bike upgrade if they are able to complete this test.

Dondozo Water 55
Tatsugiri Dragon / Water 55

Team Star Leader Eri – North Province (Area One)

Eri is the only thing standing between the trainer and the final material. Defeating the Fighting-type Pokemon of this top-tier Team Star Leader is no easy task, especially in light of the Team Star challenge that came before. Even so, this is a fitting way to put an end to Team Star.

Toxicroak Poison / Fighting 55
Passimian Fighting 55
Lucario Fighting / Steel 55
Annihilape Fighting / Ghost 55
Revavroom Fighting 56

The Elite Four, Casseiopia, and Arven will all present formidable challenges for the players going forward. Because of this, the endgame will be somewhat linear and uninteresting.