Revolutionary Change Coming to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ranked Battle Series 2!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ranked Battle Series 2: Scarlet and Violet have revealed the upcoming second series of Pokemon’s Ranked Battles, and with it comes a significant shift that will undoubtedly influence how players view these competitions.

Players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are eager for the new series of Ranked Battles to begin, as the first one just finished up on January 4th (it ran from December 2nd to the 4th). Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, like all games in the main series, feature Pokemon that are unique to that game.

To demonstrate their solidarity, Pokemon fans once again band together. Players of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet work together to develop a trade code network, making it much easier for those who only have access to one of the games to acquire Pokemon that are only available in that game’s version.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ranked Battle Series 2
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ranked Battle Series 2

With the upcoming inclusion of Ranked Battle Series 2, this community will become even more important. As reported on Serebii’s Twitter account, the second season of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ranked Battle League will begin on February 1 and run through March 31.

A new feature included this time around is the option to use Paradox Pokemon in Ranked Battles. Paradox Pokemon are tough to combat and catch, and they are only available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

With this update, players can employ them in the second round of ranked matches for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Paradox Pokemon, like Iron Hands, look like regular modern Pokemon yet are classified as either ancient (Pokemon Scarlet) or futuristic (Pokemon Violet).

According to the canon, these creatures are either the precursors to modern Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet or in the final stages of their evolution in Pokemon Violet.

Fans have been enamored with the idea of “Paradox Pokemon” ever since the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, to the point where they have begun creating fan art that depicts their favorite Pokemon in their Paradox incarnations.

To give just one example, a fan of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire designed a Paradox Hitmontop. Accordingly, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans will undoubtedly approve of having these Paradox Pokemon in the forthcoming Ranked Battle Series.

With the inclusion of Paradox Pokemon in the Ranked Battle Series, there are sure to be new methods and tactics being employed for players to take the upper hand in these challenging bouts. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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