Pokemon Legends: Players Of Arceus May Have Insight Into Scarlet And Violet’s Starmobile Challenges

The Team Star bases present a new challenge to the Pokemon series, but their ultimate level may involve a concept from the depths of Pokemon Legends.

In a month, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will be available. Dedicated players all across the world are getting ready for what could be the most technically advanced mainline Pokemon games to date. Despite Pokemon X and Y’s and Pokemon Sword and Shield’s mixed receptions, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet appear to deliver on the promise of an expansive 3D Pokemon journey.

After an obligatory introduction sequence, players will be free to roam the Paldea region and take on any of the game’s three plot arcs as they see fit. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with their liberated approach to co-op play, have paved the way for a plethora of new adventures in the Pokemon universe.

They weren’t self-propelled, though. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have been in the works ever since the series made the transition to the Switch. In the latest games, the Wild Areas from Pokemon Sword and Shield have fused with the massive maps from Pokemon Legends: Arceus to form a single, seamless open universe.

Pokemon Let’s Go! and Pokemon Sword and Shield were early tries at cooperative gameplay, and now we have Scarlet and Violet to see it through. The Pokemon Legends staple of crafting has been ported over to the new games as well. Many aspects of the Ninth Generation of Pokemon expand upon its predecessors, and this may include minute nuances like how the player interacts with Team Star.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Owe A Lot To Pokemon Legends 

Both Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are direct descendants of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and they feature a variety of fascinating improvements to the original game’s gameplay and themes. First of all, there is no dedicated fighting screen; all combat happens on the global globe.

The entire universe, including all of the characters and Pokemon, is on display during battles. The combination of this with an improved version of the follower Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Legends makes for an interesting proposition. These have appeared in the series for quite some time, albeit typically only in minor roles.

Like in Pokemon Legends, players in Scarlet and Violet will be able to release Pokemon in order to collect supplies. People interested in knowing how the new games will work should study Pokemon Legends.

Some recent developments, however, flip the traditional workings on their heads. One major advantage is that the player’s starter Pokemon can stay on the field indefinitely. This implies that, unlike in some other games, players can start collecting actual follower Pokemon much earlier. Second, and more crucially, this Pokemon can do more than merely gather goods.

The “Let’s Go!” command sends it out into the world, where it may encounter wild Pokemon. The two Pokemon will get into brief combat without the player’s input, and the standard rewards for winning will apply. Besides being a crucial component of the Team Star experience and a teaser for the new features therein, an Auto Battle is useful because it reduces the need to grind for experience and crafting materials.

How Team Star Subverts Normal Pokemon Battling 

Team Star, an elementally themed student band that acts like G-rated biker gangs, is the villain team that operates in the Paldea region, home to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Story-wise, they pose little danger, but they always attack in groups, which is unlike every other Pokemon villain squad.

When attacking a base held by Team Star, you’ll need to fend against waves of Pokemon launched by their many trainers. The player can Auto Battle with numerous Pokemon at once, and they must do so in order to win the team over quickly. After that, the head of the neighborhood gang will show up for the last showdown.

To yet, only Mela, leader of the Fire-focused Schedar Squad, has been seen in a training capacity as a boss trainer. Even though she is just shown with a couple of Pokemon in a gameplay sample, she appears to be a rather difficult fight for the early game. The Pokemon of the player will ostensibly be healed between encounters with hordes and bosses, but Game Freak has proven in Pokemon Legends that they are willing to be more unforgiving than usual.

Although it’s not guaranteed at the moment, this could lead to recreations of a brand new fight structure introduced in the game’s final boss, Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Starmobile May Have A Surprise Relationship With A Legendary Pokemon

In Pokemon Legends, once the player has completed the main adventure, they can focus on completing their Pokedex and completing Plate-collecting missions with the mysterious merchant Volo. Following this, the player will meet Volo atop Spear Pillar, where he will disclose his plans to steal the elemental Plates and make direct contact with Arceus.

Volo’s ace in the hole comes into play after a grueling battle against a replica of Champion Cynthia’s team. Upon Volo’s defeat, the player is instantly thrown into the hands of the sealed Giratina, who serves as the catalyst for the madman’s mission. In addition, when the player appears to have triumphed, Giratina resurrects and gains the superpowers of its Origin Forme. That’s the most Pokemon ever in a single boss battle, and it’s also the longest.

Those who have made it to Volo said the battle was exciting, so Game Freak may implement a similar system in future titles. It doesn’t mesh well with Gym Leaders or Pokemon with Totem or Titan abilities, so a squad of rule-breakers is your best chance. While there has been no overt sign that Team Star is conducting this stunt, people have spotted something off about the team’s first captain.

Even though promotional materials have always shown that Mela’s Starmobile’s engine is a Pokemon, the matter has never been addressed. After Mela falls, it’s possible that this creature will emerge as the player’s true final opponent in every Starmobile challenge thereafter.

The Star bosses’ Starmobiles have been mentioned in promotional materials, thus it’s possible that they’ll always contain more Pokemon than the HUD indicates. Alternately, the real-time boss battles from Pokemon Legends may make a comeback in the midst of a regular battle. While the future of this mechanism is still up in the air, Game Freak would be remiss not to take advantage of the opportunity it presents to lengthen battles.

Scarlet and Violet versions of Pokemon will be available for the Nintendo Switch on November 18.