A Pokemon Fans Imagines What Dragonite Would Look Like if It Looked More Like Dragonair!

Pokemon fans: A Pokemon fan has proposed a redesign of Dragonite to make it look more like Dragonair. Players of Nintendo’s RPG series may be left scratching their heads as they try to make sense of the evolutionary relationships between some of the game’s creatures.

There is some muddle among Pokemon trainers because some evolutions don’t make much sense. The Pokemon Dratini is the product of one of these befuddling evolutionary chains.

Dratini looks very much like Dragonair, the next evolution, but then it drastically alters its appearance when it becomes Dragonite.

This player envisioned what the Dragon-Type pseudo-legendary would look like if it were designed to be more like its ancestors. On Reddit, a user by the name of kaltzer has shared some artwork of a Dragonite that resembles Dragonair a lot more than the one seen in the games.

The pseudo-legendary Pokemon has gone from orange to blue, and that is the most noticeable change. Dragonair already has small wings on the sides of its head, but the user’s design adds beads and a white horn.


Kaltzer augmented Dragonite’s wings, making them bigger and reshaping the feathers on them so that they were white and green. The artist’s concept is visually appealing and makes more sense for the Dratini evolutionary line than the current canonical representation.

A good number of users on Reddit have expressed their appreciation for kaltzer’s work, with many praising its aesthetic quality. The article has sparked a wave of “what if” speculation among gamers about the potential effects of giving Pokemon like Mimikyu and Seviper their own unique evolutions.

Somebody said they liked the orange on Dragonite and suggested making Dratini and Dragonair orange to match. To replace Dragonite in future Pokemon games, Kaltzer’s creation is a solid alternate option.

If you’re looking for a different version of a Pokemon, kaltzer has made more than just a new Dragonite. Similarly, the artist considered what Sharpedo would look like if it were significantly longer, furthering the impression that it is a shark.

Some of the pocket monsters they’ve reclassified include a Water/Dragon-Type Swampert and a Ghost/Ice-Type Luxray. These new concepts that kaltzer has been working on would be a great fit as downloadable content for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

Creating new forms and appearances for pocket monsters in this way provides Game Freak with a wealth of material that could be used in future games and revitalizes the franchise’s older Pokemon. Both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be downloaded right now for the Nintendo Switch.

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