PlayStation Stars Is a New Loyalty Program

PlayStation Stars is a new free rewards and loyalty program from Sony for players. The firm announced that the initiative will debut “later this year,” but it hasn’t provided any specifics regarding when it will do so.

By completing what is referred to as “campaigns,” which include activities like investing time in a certain game or working toward in-game achievements, users can utilize PlayStation Stars to acquire rewards.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Grace Chen, vice president of network advertising, loyalty, and licensed merchandise said, “We really feel like this is just the best time to be launching this type of program, in terms of us having the healthiest player base, the PlayStation 5, obviously, is a huge success and we really wanted to do something that can honor and celebrate PlayStation’s history, and now’s the best time to do so.” “We wanted to develop a presentation that pays tribute to that journey and any impact PlayStation may have made on a person’s life. We wanted to accomplish that in a manner that is unique to PlayStation.

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Because stars are associated with being boundless and infinite, which aligns with PlayStation’s tagline “play has no limitations,” Sony chose to name the program after them. Asia, the Americas, Europe, and other continents will all receive it later this year.

Chen asserted that Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s video game subscription service, will not be affected by PlayStation Stars and that the program is designed to appeal to both new and seasoned players.

“It’s advantageous to all players. There will be many components of this program that new customers will like as well. “Obviously, for gamers who have been with PlayStation for a long time and have been on this game journey with us, we want to be able to acknowledge and reward them in various ways,” Chen said.
Every player will accumulate loyalty points that can be exchanged for PlayStation Network wallet credits (and thus traded in for items worth real money). Gamers who also subscribe to Sony’s PlayStation Plus online service will receive extra points to use in the PlayStation Store; non-subscribers will not receive this benefit.

In the reward catalog, players can exchange their points for standalone games, downloadable content, and keepsakes with unique themes. Over time, Sony intends to add new incentives, promotions, and collectibles.

While Sony was evasive about the program’s specifics, it did state that there would be a monthly check-in campaign that would pay players for playing at least one game, as well as other campaigns for taking first place in competitions and obtaining particular trophies. Some advertisements could encourage users to play a specific game online.

The PlayStation announcement is a reflection of a bigger trend in the entertainment industry toward subscription services and initiatives that are more geared toward consumers.

Loyalty emerges as an important indicator as a wide range of entertainment services transition to subscriptions, according to Joost van Dreunen, a lecturer on the business of games at the New York University Stern School of Business. “Sony will probably increase retention and brand loyalty by rewarding players who log in frequently and making their membership more apparent. It will be crucial during a time when consumer spending on games will be constrained by inflation and the economy.

As part of PlayStation Stars, a prize will be given to the first player in a certain time zone to complete all in-game milestones in a popular game, preventing other players from earning it. Chen stated that if customers cheat or trade accounts with specific rewards attached, the company would endeavor to reduce fraudulent behavior.

Digital collectibles, which are 3D-rendered replicas of items like figurines of video game characters and previous Sony products, are another type of prize that Sony is providing. Some will be extremely rare and difficult to find. They are digital and collectible, but they are not non-fungible tokens.

Definitely not NFTs, I say. Absolutely not. They are not exchangeable or movable. It does not use any blockchain technology, and it does not use NFTs either, according to Chen.

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