Pixomondo farm of Game Of Thrones VFX embarks

EXCLUSIVE: Pixomondo, the VFX company responsible for the dragons in Game of Thrones, has boarded the adaptation of the feature film produced by Roland Emmerich from Mozart’s The Magic Flute.

The company, which also won an Academy Award for his work on Hugo by Martin Scorsese, joined the project alongside the German cinema fund Hessenfilm. Pixomondo will be responsible for the visual effects and character animations in this English-language adaptation of the famous opera, while Hessenfilm will support the project with a grant of € 350,000.

The story takes place in today’s Europe; When Tim Walker, 17, was sent from London to the Austrian Alps to start his singing scholarship at the legendary boarding school of Mozart, he discovered a forgotten centenary passage in the fantastic world of The Magic Flute.

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The project is currently in pre-production and should start shooting at the end of summer 2020.

Roland Emmerich, director of Midway and Independence Day, produced through his Centropolis Entertainment shingle alongside Christopher Zwickler of Flute Film and former Pantaflix director Fabian Wolfart. Commercial director Florian Sigl, who has a background in classical music, is at the helm.

Emmerich previously worked with Pixomondo on the Midway war drama as well as in 2012 and Independence Day: Resurgence.

“I have had a strong relationship with Pixomondo for over a decade,” said Emmerich. “Now, with the support of Hessenfilm, the directors of the film can work with one of the largest visual effects companies in the world.”

“We are grateful and excited about the partnership around The Magic Flute,” added Pixomondo executive producer Lena Bahrs. “Our studio in Frankfurt is known for its digital character design and therefore fits perfectly with this truly magical story. Hessenfilm’s support helps to fuel and develop our talent pool here in Frankfurt, and allows productions like ours to thrive. “