Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks

There is no sport where refereeing is more severely criticized than the NFL, therefore it is not surprising when the coach or player has something to say about this process. While Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll carefully selected words to avoid a penalty, he said he would like the league to use more angles for re-reviews:

“I can’t imagine if we want to work to make this thing as good as possible, that we must sometimes become a victim of what a television copy has, in contrast to all other points of view that we can imagine “, Carroll told reporters, for Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk. “I think that a copy of the trainer along with the television copy of the play that was discussed in this game can be useful if you look when the ball is out of side view so that they can determine where the ball was.” action fighting and how it all happened. “

Carroll referenced the game in his team’s regular season finals against the 49ers in San Francisco this past Sunday, where 49ers midfielder Fred Warner seemed to interfere with Jacob Hollister’s tense game due to what could have been a prize win at the end of the fourth quarter. from what ended with the loss of Seahawks 26-21.

The problem was that Warner’s potential penalty was not visible with the reproduction angles used.

“Therefore, I think there is still progress to make it even better,” Carroll added. “If we are going to rely on an external source to take into account, I think that we should give them everything that is available, and not just what happens in their broadcast that day, and they got a good [idea] about it or they didn’t “t.”

Carroll continued by saying that adding extra camera angles is what the NFL is working on, so maybe this is an innovation we’ll see sooner rather than later.

For the sake of coaches and players Carroll and the NFL are everywhere, hopefully.