Persona 5 Royal is Finally Coming to PC

Persona 5 is available on PC. Atlus’s well-known RPG series was one of the final significant holdouts after years of other Sega classics making their way to PC. With the release of Persona 4 Golden on Steam in 2020—despite being a game that has been out for ten years—the situation changed. Persona 5 Strikers, the hack and slash sequel, also debuted on PC in 2021. Finally, we are aware that Persona 5 Royale will also be available on PC. Hell, Persona 3 is also.

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When does Persona 5 release on PC?

The Xbox Summer Showcase in June included the announcement of the Persona 5 PC release date, which is October 21, 2022. October doesn’t seem like a very long time to wait after all the time we’ve spent clamoring for Persona 5 on PC.

Here is all we learned about the rumors, clues, and proof that Persona 5 Royale would eventually be released on PC if you want to relive the years of anticipation and waiting.

Persona 4 and Strikers on PC are good evidence for a Persona 5 release

In 2020, Persona 4: Golden received a surprise Steam release. That’s terrific news for lovers of excellent role-playing games, but it’s also encouraging for a prospective PC release of Persona 5. It is difficult to believe that Atlus is not also thinking about releasing Persona 5, given that this clearly demonstrates their interest in Persona’s viability on the PC.

Persona 5 Strikers, an action game created in collaboration with Omega Force, the Dynasty Warriors company, was released on PC in February 2021. Persona 5 Royal’s PC release is by no means certain, but it does sound promising, especially given that Strikers’ story begins six months after Persona 5’s.

Atlus asked players if they would like a PC port for Persona 5 

In 2019, Atlus sent its US gamers a survey asking for their thoughts on the future of many series. Despite the survey being unavailable, Persona Central posted a list of the poll’s questions, which seem to be rather reliable.

According to rumors, Atlus posed the question, “What do you want to see from Persona in the future?” and included “PC Port” as a choice alongside DLC material and other platform ports. Of course, this was just one of a number of inquiries, along with others about the future of other Atlus franchises and user preferences. It’s far from a guarantee, but Atlus is probably not just speculating out of curiosity.

Persona 5 on PC reveal trailer

We are actually getting Personas 3 and 5 on PC after all the speculating, hearing, and waiting. There is little doubt that Persona 5 Royale is coming to Windows PCs as well. This announcement was made during the Xbox Showcase in June 2022, so naturally, the emphasis was on the series’ arrival on consoles.

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