Cryptid Chaos on the Pacific Drive: A 2023 Road Trip to Remember!

Pacific Drive: Games like Cult of the Lamb and Hades are excellent examples of the type of game that encourages players to complete multiple playthroughs of a dynamically changing obstacle course.

But how many of those games put you in the driver’s seat of a vehicle and let you loose on the open road without any restrictions? The very first game released by Ironwood Studios is called Pacific Drive.

The player is required to drive their vehicle across an unreal and hazardous path in the Pacific Northwest, which is in the process of breaking down into pockets of unreality all around the player.

Pacific Drive
Pacific Drive

The player is far less vulnerable behind the wheel of the vehicle, despite the fact that they will occasionally have to get out of the driver’s seat to clear a passage, check a reading, or examine an area.

The car serves as the player’s only means of survival. The primary player hub will be a garage, which will allow you to improve and repair your vehicle in between runs through scary lightning storms, military zones, and terrifying rock worms that churn and churn.

The objective of the game is for the player to make their way to the center of the Olympic Exclusion Zone and figure out the mystery that is surrounding what is taking place there.

The first trailer for the game, which was shown for the first time on Tuesday at Sony‘s State of Play conference, makes the mystery appear to be very fascinating.

There are a lot of familiar cues from other horrifying locations, such as the little town that is haunted in Silent Hill or the urban landscapes that have been invaded by zombies and are controlled by the military in The Last of Us. The automobile and “road-like” components, on the other hand, provide an attractive hook.

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