Oxa Breathing Wearable Launched With Real Time on Kickstarter

Oxa Breathing Wearable Launched: Crowdfunding for the Oxa breathing wearable has begun on Kickstarter. Swiss firm Nanoleq has released a new gadget that provides continuous feedback on vital signs like breathing rate and depth.

Oxa, a wearable designed to track and analyse respiratory data, has been hailed as the first device of its kind. Insight into how one’s breathing habits affect their physical and mental health is made possible by this tool.

Oxa Breathing Wearable
Oxa Breathing Wearable

The breathing wearable, Oxa, can be used to track a variety of biometric parameters. The Oxa can also track your heart rate and observe your sleeping patterns in addition to your breathing rate and depth. It takes measures by being clipped onto a specifically designed shirt or bra.

Nanoleq’s breathing wearable makes use of gamification to instruct users on how to improve their breathing techniques. The Oxa breathing wearable comes with companion software that teaches you how to breathe more efficiently.

The app’s guided exercises can be adjusted to meet your own requirements for breathing and health. For an even more profound state of calm, it can also offer visual cues or ambient sounds. It is said that using the device regularly can have a calming effect.

A minimum commitment of $249 is required to support the Kickstarter for the Oxa breathing wearable. The base pledge level includes the Oxa sensor, the Oxa Shirt, and access to the Oxa Life app. In March of 2023, retailers in multiple areas will begin stocking the Oxa breathing wearable.

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